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Occurred : 6/2/2015 01:40 (Entered as : 06/02/15 1:40)
Reported: 6/2/2015 6:52:07 PM 18:52
Posted: 6/5/2015
Location: Mildred, MT
Shape: Light
Duration:2 and a half hours
Unidentifiable Light near Midred, MT 1:40 am 2 June 2015.

My background includes well over 14 years military experience, general knowledge of civilian and military aircraft operational procedures, and I am very familiar with the area that I work in. My co-worker has worked this area longer than I have and is very good with land marks in the area.

At approximately 1:40 am on June 2, 2015, we were doing some work near Mildred, MT. My co-worker had just stepped outside and came back in 3 minutes later looking puzzled, and said "Hey, come look at this".

I thought there may have been an equipment issue so I got up. I got out the back door and he was just pointing at this light saying what the hell is that? I looked and saw a strange white light. My co-worker initially thought he was seeing things as we had both been up all day already. That was why he got me in the first place.

We initially thought maybe helicopter or drone, but, I have never seen a drone with white light for a spot. Given that civilian and military aircraft have flashing marker lights, we didn't observe any. We decided to flash our flashlights at it which initially got us a response. It shined a bright light at us. We "played" with whatever the object was for the next 2 hours. I went to continue my work while my co-worker was still playing with it. While he was to my rear, the object that would be to my then 10 o'clock, emitted a brighter focused light towards us. We figured had it been people, somebody would have come over to inquire as to why we were shining lights like we were. I gave some directional signals with my flashlight motioning it to come here, go away, and stop. We also used the lights on our equipment to also flash at the object. Generally the response was the same, we flashed it, it would flash back, whether it was flashing the intensity of its light g! etting lighter darker, or shining a light towards us. We left the area about 4-415 am and we were still able to observe this in the same general location and spot.

The weather was light to moderate rain, with some heavy downpours and cloud cover was thick. It would have been below the clouds. The size that I would compare it to, is 3-4 times the size of Venus as viewed by the naked eye. Comparing it to my right pinky finger, to watch for movement, the light would appear to be half the width of my finger. Maybe a quarter of an inch. The colors of the light emitted were blue, greenish blue, to a reddish orange. It would also shine a bright clear light. I do know that the moon was more west by southwest of our location and was hidden behind clouds for another 20-30 minutes after we had left. I would also rule out other celestial bodies due to the cloud cover. I do not recognize any of the characteristics of this object when compared to what I normally see in this area. The object did move around a small area during the time we watched. It would move in a north to south, south to north area. Looking at it if I held a ruler up at arm’s le! ngth, it moved maybe 2-3 inches. Back in forth. There was also some movement similar to the curve shape of a satellite dish, moving in one direction, go down then back up, stop and come back in a similar pattern.

We are both certain that this was airborne. As a general reference from the railroad track, it was in the direction of 280 degrees, so west by northwest. The location we were looking towards, goes slightly downhill. From the ground, I could vaguely spot the top of the tree line in the distance and it is my belief that what we observed was in the air, at least over 3-500 feet. Whatever it was, I haven't noticed anything like that before in the area. You learn to recognize the terrain by noticing features that stick out. Lights stick out a lot in an area that is very sparsely populated. Given that it is ranch land mainly in the area, I would not believe it was a rancher, it stayed in one location to long. The people in the area are generally pretty friendly and are quick to help a neighbor. I would think that if it had been people, somebody definitely would have come over, or had someone else come over, to see if we were okay. We couldn't hear any sound from it.

Whatever the source of the light was, it was absolutely new to me in the area, and as such, unidentifiable.