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Occurred : 6/4/2015 21:00 (Entered as : 06/04/2015 21:00)
Reported: 6/4/2015 8:27:37 PM 20:27
Posted: 6/5/2015
Location: Delavan, WI
Shape: Light
Duration:4 minutes
Reddish Amber lights over the city of delavan WI.

My wife went out to the front porch for a smoke. Suddenly she called me out and she pointed to the sky asking “what are those.” What we saw initially were three lights reddish amber in color and the first three were followed by three more of the same size and color.

Being late at night it was hard to distinguish the altitude of the reddish amber lights, but I would estimate them being at least a thousand feet high in the sky. They ran silently from the direction of the city of Elkhorn over the city of Delavan in the direction of Janesville.

The lights were very bright and were spaced apart by what appeared to be several hundred feet. They glided across the sky all in the same direction and path. My wife, daughter, grandson, and I watched them fly over our neighborhood and disappeared into the dark sky.

The lights made no sound and were definitely not Japanese Lanterns or flares. There was no smoke trail, and the lights did not flicker like a flame. We saw no strobing red or other color lights on the objects. I did contact the local police department to report them. I did not have my camera with me.