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Occurred : 6/7/2015 21:18 (Entered as : 06/07/15 21:18)
Reported: 6/8/2015 2:13:49 PM 14:13
Posted: 6/15/2015
Location: Avenal, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:3 seconds
3 round lights - I-5 in Avenal, CA (North of Kettleman City)

We were driving North on I-5 (about 5-10 minutes north of the 76 gas station in Avenal, CA) and noticed three bright round lights moving East to West) about 1/2 mile in front of our vehicle. All this happened anywhere between 9:18 - 9:19 pm at night so it was dark (and I had just gotten off the phone with my brother, which is why I know when this happened)...

One light was ahead of the three lights, while the other two were closer aligned to one another...

In unison the lights then changed their flight path and headed south west and looked as though they were landing on the tree Orchard west of the highway. Before we knew it the lights were gone. They disappeared into the Tree Orchard.

As it was dark, I was unable to see if the lights were attached to one aircraft or if each light was attached to an individual aircraft.

We did not hear sound coming from the lights...

This happened over the course of 3 seconds (or so), so there was not enough time to take a picture or video of these lights.