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Occurred : 6/8/2015 22:00 (Entered as : 06/08/2015 22:00)
Reported: 6/13/2015 3:20:26 PM 15:20
Posted: 6/15/2015
Location: St. Cloud, FL
Shape: Formation
Duration:3-5 minutes
June 8, 2015, Monday evening around 9:40 pm, I was in the process of returning my son’s phone call. Since cell phone reception is bad in the house, I stepped out to the screen porch. As I was talking with my son, I noticed looking south of our property, 3 bright amber lights in a triangular formation. From my vantage point they appeared to be the size of a stoplight that you would see about 2 cars away from the street intersection. The luminosity of the 3 lights was much brighter than a signal light; more like a car’s headlight.

I called to my husband who was in the living room and asked him to come and see the 3 lights. He said, it’s probably Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all lined up. I did see the planets lined up, but they were north of our house. The lights I was observing was in the southern sky.

When my husband came out and looked at the 3 lights, he was baffled. Just for reference, my husband is a former Air Force Captain. He also holds a degree in electrical engineering. Needless to say he is a very logical thinking individual. He was speechless as he gazed on the 3 lights. Then as we were watching the stationary lights, all of a sudden a formation of 3 more lights appeared east of the first set of lights. It was extremely close to the first set of 3. Size and luminosity was identical, but it did not form a perfect triangle.
The first and second set of lights may have been on the same entity.

My husband said “go get a camera”. I went inside, looked for a minute or so, but all I could find was a pair of binoculars. I went back, took a look through the binoculars, then I handed them to my husband. I continued observing the lights with my bare eyes, but my husband was looking at it through the binoculars.

Then about 1–2 minutes into our viewing, the second set of lights began to turn off one by one. The first set remained stationary. Then about a minute later, one by one it began to turn off. The last light did not turn off but began to diminish in size and luminosity until it finally was off.

It was a clear night, where you could see lots of stars and planets in the sky. What we saw was not a planet or star. It was not very high up in the sky. I did not have to tilt my head to look up, as you do with the stars in the sky. We just looked south. It looked as if it was right on the other side of Lake Gentry.