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Occurred : 6/13/2015 14:25 (Entered as : 06/13/2015 14:25)
Reported: 6/13/2015 8:44:02 PM 20:44
Posted: 6/15/2015
Location: Anchorage, AK
Shape: Disk
Duration:10 seconds
Disk shaped object hovering in the sky.

I was walking northbound on 32nd avenue and looked up in the sky and saw something disk shaped that was hovering. It was the size of 3 jumbo size airplanes. It was the same altitude that the airlines fly.

When it tilted towards me and I saw the metallic surface then it shot northbound out of sight like lightning. There were no clouds in the sky around it.

Later I saw an Alaska Airlines plane fly by in the general area and it looked tiny in comparison to the disk shaped object.