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Occurred : 6/11/2015 00:00 (Entered as : 06/11/15 0:00)
Reported: 6/14/2015 12:26:33 AM 00:26
Posted: 6/15/2015
Location: Drayton Valley (Canada), AB
Duration:2 minutes
Driving on a rural road in Drayton Valley, Alberta, on Thursday, June 11, at/or near midnight. I was driving my friend to a remote house on a mildly rough weather night but clear out I observed a red light just about the shape of a crest, almost plus sign in the centre chest region of a creature standing about 8 feet tall black in color long limbs skinny black arms had a spider like look to them with no noticeable fingers the creature also looked to be somewhat hunched body average in torso with the red chest covering majority of chest Face was almost bow or triangle shape looking eyes appeared slim narrow slits with dull yellow glow.

There also appeared to be 5-7 small grey or silver short humonoids too the side or behind the taller creature they at first looked to me like gnome like creatures I don't em ember seeing eye color just that they were about 2-4 feet in height with 2 arms 2 legs. Unknow fingers or clothed. Just solid grey color. I noticed them first and my other passenger said it looks like signs on the road ahead. As we got closer the outside environment stated to get very blurry like it looked felt like the trees bushes and side of road were shaking rapidly also the creatures seemed to be shaking or vibrating to I stopped the car cause I felt fear my passenger told me drive go go The creatures seemed to be getting closer as if shaking vibrating towards us I put Ford Explorer in reverse sped back about 30 feet to next side street turning down that street I made a right and in front of me it was the same creatures like they just instantly appeared in front of us again I slammed on brakes and stopped there Now it gets very vague on what I can recall. I felt fear panic shock I rember thinking or saying get a picture take a video And so many thoughts of people believing me worried about getting away it was frightening My next memory is almost a clip of me frozen in vehicle seeing one of the smaller grey creatures right outside my drivers door I had the feeling it was coming for me then I felt remember nothing everything seemed extremely calm peaceful in what I thought was a blink of an eye I'm driving out of the rural range road and back towards town on paved road as I was driving back towards home I could only rember seeing red lights and some blurry stuff. As did my passenger when we arrived home it was 3 hours later than I thought I felt very tired latex down passed out woke up 15 hours later felling sick drained. And missing time it felt like days had passed Over the next two days I started remembering more almost like clips of the creatures lights and surroundings.

Today is Saturday june 13 and a story online for the drayton valley ramp dept says a cow was found shot and mutilated sliced open at throat and stomach found by farmer the morning after my experience this has prompted me to feel a burst letting my story be known I called my friend who witnessed this with me and asked what he remembered. He only recalled seeing some strange red lights that were moving in front of us I told him what I remembered and he was shocked that he had forgotten it was like a total recall and said he felt sick thinking bout it.

As I sit here now writing and recalling those events I have a gut wrenching feeling of panick in my stomach one That says stop doing this but I have another urge in my head telling me to keep going.