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Occurred : 6/9/2015 13:00 (Entered as : 06/9/15)
Reported: 6/17/2015 2:44:41 AM 02:44
Posted: 6/19/2015
Location: St. Louis, MO
Shape: Disk
Duration:10 seconds
Black discoid object flying from E to W, observed early afternoon from residential rooftop during clear sky over N side, St. Louis, Mo.

Black discoid object flying from E to W, observed early afternoon from residential roof top during clear sky over north side St. Louis city, Mo. No wings, no lights, just steady trajectory across sky until out of view over western horizon. There were many local black birds in the windy sky directly over neighborhood, but none at ufo's altitude.

It wasn't moving at extreme speed, but should've at least been traveling a few hundred mph due to the lack of time it took to cross the entire visible sky over head. It was gone in at least 10 seconds after gracefully soaring right across the open sky.

I thought it was a big black bird (or hawk possibly) sailing a high wind current at first, but as I watched without distraction it never exposed any wings or showed any obvious biological identifiers or movements.

From my visual perspective, the ufo flew in a straight line at a steady speed. I was not a gigantic object, but couldn't have been any smaller than a car. No identifying marking or designs, at least from my distance.

While watching I tapped on window to attract my nephew, but he had just left the house. My wife came by, but didn't come on roof as she was preoccupied and I still wasn't sure what I was witnessing.

I reluctantly did not pull my cell phone out quick enough to access the camera once I realized i was witnessing an anomaly. As soon as it disappeared over the western horizon, I went back inside + informed my wife why I had nocked on the window.

This is the 2nd sighting I have witness from my roof which technically is the 4th floor of our house + permits an awesome view over the surrounding neighborhoods and metro city downtown.

*My 1st sighting from this location was at night, a glowing orb like ship appeared (ironically) over the western horizon from behind some clouds heading west and then redirected its corse into a sharp decent down to earth and out of view. That account took place about 2 years ago, the same week my step son took pictures of an entire mass fleet of glowing orb like ufos moving out across the night sky from an unknown location he witnessed with many other residents at his fathers previous apt complex way out in O'fallon, Mo. We still have the picture he took with his cellphone. There were no other airplanes in sky, as usually there are as we are under the direct path all airplanes take to taxi Lambert Airport. The ship also did not glow or perform any other apparent actions/activities.

These accounts are astonishing even if they are all just drones or black military vehicles. They are apparently becoming more obvious publicly.

I am an US military veteran. As a child I studied all kinds of jets, vehicles + technologies into my adult life. In the field of creative arts I have also studied much structure, anatomy and behaviors of many things. I am extremely positive I have witnessed these specific anomalies + anticipate more disclosure +/or public observations. Hopefully, I could not have been the only one who witnessed this last event. You never see this stuff over the city, ever. I've been waiting to see them for myself a long time, but am not convinced these are directly alien, even though I do not rule out the possibility due to all cultural histories.