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Occurred : 7/2/2015 02:55 (Entered as : 07/02/15 2:55)
Reported: 7/2/2015 3:32:23 AM 03:32
Posted: 7/3/2015
Location: Salie, MI
Shape: Changing
Duration:12 minutes
Several pulsating/flashing lights and entity(ies) seen!

My family and I just moved out of downtown Ann Arbor, to a more rural city outside of AA called Saline. The portion we moved to is very rural, with neighbors a good distance apart, lots of open space, but most importantly, very little city light pollution. Tonight is the 2nd night in the house, and I had just finished unpacking a load of equipment from some boxes, and decided I'd take a seat on the freshly moved couch. It was roughly 2:45am.

I hopped online on my laptop for about 10 minutes, when I got an urge to look to my left out of a window in my home, which faces to the west. I immediately spotted a very odd pulsating set of white-ish lights that would occasionally flash and change color just above the tree-line behind our neighbor's house. For scale reference, the window is on the western-most wall in our house, and our neighbors house is roughly 150-200 yards or so past the window through a large open field.

I immediately grabbed my phone and started to record video of the light that initially drew my attention. I noted the time when I turned my phone on as 2:57. The color of the light when I began recording changed to translucent red. It was at this time I noticed via my video display as I recorded that there were other reddish lights exhibiting similar behavior with flashing red color to the south of the object I was focused on. My immediate gut reaction was that what I was seeing was 1 very large single object with potentially many smaller objects accompanying it. I zoomed out and then back in, and this time when the image came back into focus there were two grayish white blobs/shapes slightly closer relative to me than the lights were, which were also still present "behind" the blobs in my view.

For a short period following the two blobs appearing, I continued to record, occasionally zooming out and then back in, or shifting the angle of the camera back and forth attempting to gain better focus, etc. The two blobs went away, and I was back to the original single light-source for a period. I decided to ask my wife to wake up and look, mostly in an attempt to see if I was crazy from being tired from the move, or if I was really seeing and recording whatever this was.

After saying her name once, I zoomed out for a moment, then zoomed all the way back in. As I did this, I was shocked to see 5 clearly defined blobs pop into focus out of nowhere, at the same location and distance the lights were seen at! After getting over that shock, I realized the lights were also still visible, but I had the distinct feeling that at least 3 of the new white/grayish figures were sentient beings of some sort, as if suddenly a wall become invisible, exposing them. My wife by this time was next to me viewing this all along with me. To me, it seemed like at least 1 (the one on the far right) of these white/grayish "things" was moving what appeared to be a head at the end of a thin neck or something. I continued to observe this scene for several more minutes, with at least one more smaller white/grayish thing becoming visible below the others. All the while I would zoom in and out to confirmed to myself that the size of these were shrinking/growi! ng as I did so, proving that they were there in the distance roughly where I had been watching the lights.

Then suddenly, they disappeared. I kept rolling, and zoomed out. Once I did, I noticed the lights still present, and began to zoom back in, when I again noticed more white/grayish shapes/things present. This time though, the shape was much different, and as crazy as it sounds coming from a non-religious person, there now appeared to be 3 distinct white/grayish objects present: 2 smaller objects on either side of a larger center object, with the larger center object looking strikingly like what my brain told me an Angel should look like, with arms raised in front of it wearing a white robe... very, very weird feeling at this point that was incredibly different than the entire event up to this point.

I changed my position slightly now, from where I was standing, and zoomed out. I could visibly see that the white/grayish things were changing positioning in my view, and it appeared like 1-2 more "joined" the others. There were now 6 distinctly visible, in 2 rows of 3. Also worth noting, the lights that originally drew my to discover all of this were still visible and flashing/pulsing during all of this. This brings us roughly to the 10minute mark of the video. Near the 11min mark, more action takes place.

At the 11min mark, the white/grayish objects are now gone, and there appears to be other "ships" or something visible, along with 3 circular objects appearing to be lights present on the object to the left of the view (with an additional object to the right of the view). The white light-like objects were solid, but the two "ship" like objects were translucent and "glittery" to view. I stayed watching these for a short period, then shut down and went outside to attempt to view. Unfortunately I did not record when out there but was able to still see the object(s). I had an intense feeling of being watched as soon as I stepped outside, which is why I didn't record -- I got back inside immediately after the feeling was way too intense to stay out.

Important to note: I do live in the landing flight path of a small local airport. I can say with strong confidence given the ~12-13min recorded stationary time + 5-7min after recording that it remained, this was no small aircraft landing anywhere. The objects that were observed were all relatively stationary other than the noted movements during the 12minutes described above and recorded. After which, they moved beyond the tree line and I lost sight.

This all took place between 2:55am and 3:08am Eastern Daylight Time. FlightAware shows no Arrivals to the local airport mentioned at the times observed, nor anywhere near them.

I have uploaded the video to youtube and can provide a link if requested.