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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/4/2015 22:00
Reported: 7/5/2015 4:53:22 AM 04:53
Posted: 7/6/2015
Location: Chesapeake, VA
Shape: Light
Duration:~70 minutes
Star like light over Chesapeake suddenly accelerates across the night sky

Strange lights. I'm here in Virginia visiting close friends when I spotted something unusual in the night sky! We'd spent the 4th enjoying the celebrations etc.. However, around 8.45 to 9 pm, I realised everyone sleeping, so I decided to go out into the back yard and watch a local fireworks display.

I was sitting there enjoying the show when I spotted what I thought was an aircraft in the night sky. It was visible over the house in a north-westerly direction and I estimate at about 35 degrees from the horizon. Again, still thinking it was an aircraft, I ignored it and continued watching the fireworks.

A few minuets passed when I realised it was still there; at which point I assumed it was a very bright star which, I found unusual as the night sky was a cloudy.

Nevertheless, I continued to watch the firework.

Suddenly, I'm estimating a little after 10pm I heard a firework land out front. Now at this point, I knew everyone was sleeping and the garage door was open, so I figured I'd better go close it. However, just at that moment, I glanced up at the star and watched in amazement as it just shot off across the sky and out of sight heading from it stationary north west position in a west-south-west direction.

Object: Bright star like light object
Location: Northwestern sky, approximately 35 degrees off the horizon. Stationary.
Duration (time first noted): Approximately 70 minutes
Eventual direction of travel: west-south-west
Weather: A cloudy but dry.

I'm not sure what I witnessed, but I'm sure it wasn't an aircraft or firework, or anything of that nature, because if I hadn't moved, I have went to bed thinking it was a bright star!