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Occurred : 7/11/2015 21:45 (Entered as : 07/11/15 21:45)
Reported: 7/12/2015 4:31:40 PM 16:31
Posted: 7/17/2015
Location: Northfield, NJ
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 minutes
Two red lights hovering over home in Northfield, NJ

At approximately 9:45 pm on 7/11/15 in Northfield, NJ...I was in my front yard, smoking a cigarette, sort of gazing across the street at my neighbor's house. After a few moments, my eyes started to wander off to the left (westward) towards the bike path that is provided to us by our municipality.

As I started to look that way, I noticed something in the sky. I glanced up and instantly dropped my cigarette.

Above the tree line on the bike path, there were two red objects hovering. They glowed a bright red light and seemed to flash and change colors from red to white.

After a second or two of standing there, I ran inside to grab my iPhone so I could record this event. I work in television production and have been around drones for a lot of that work. I also fly weekly for my job. I'm in and around planes and airports and have been for the last 12 years.

These objects were not drones. They were not planes.

I took 2:30 mins of footage before my phone's battery started to die. It was inside on the charger initially and was only around 5% charged when I took the footage.

The two objects hovered for awhile, then one took off and flew away. Far away. They were both pretty large at first. Smaller than a full moon but much larger than a star. The one that flew away though did eventually become small enough that it looked like a star.

After a few more seconds, 20 maybe, the one that flew off - which was the one situated on the right hand side - reappeared on the left hand side, lower - again by the tree line and much larger. The two hovered again for about a minute.

My phone was dying. I ran back inside to charge it and after a few minutes, I came back outside with my 3 year old son. We recorded another 20 seconds of footage and he - though very young and being a child - was able to identify the object and you can hear his voice call it "the flashing star".

I'm well educated. I work for a Fortune 500 company. I have a child and I'm an excellent father. I've been around drones and planes for my work. This was neither. My very first reaction was to run and grab a camera. That wouldn't have been my reaction if I had ever seen anything like this before. It's also important to note that Northfield is a very normal and pristine little borough outside of Atlantic City. The area here is quiet and family oriented and filled with decent people. This is not a hoax or a gimmick or some weird thing.

I saw two UFO's.

These two objects hovered, flew, flashed bright red and appeared to travel great distances in very short time.

I have a video that is worth watching. It can be seen at the following link: