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Occurred : 7/10/2015 12:25 (Entered as : 07/10/2015 12:25)
Reported: 7/14/2015 9:28:22 AM 09:28
Posted: 7/17/2015
Location: Delaware, OH
Shape: Disk
Duration:10 minutes
My girlfriend and I had a late Friday dinner in downtown Delaware. We left the restaurant at 8:15 to go back to her residence and started walking south on South Sandusky Street. We made a right on Spring St. towards South Franklin where the car was parked. We passed a paint store and came to an open lot with a relatively open view of the sky.

As we were walking, I noticed a red, almost pinkish, light through breaks in the northerly cloud bank. A front was passing the area and cloud deck was low over the city and I thought that a Chicago flight was descending through the clouds to land at Port Columubs 30 miles south. There is always heavy air traffic over the city.

I directed my girlfriend's attention to the light and we saw that it was descending through the cloud in an unusual manner. The light suddenly disappeared and in its place was a jet black disk that slowly moved south.

We both had, pardon the expression, a WTH moment. The disk was the size of a half dollar piece, held at arm's lenth, and silent.

Now this is where it gets eerie. As the disk moved south I half joking said, "Why don't you stop." As if it heard me the craft immediately stopped and hovered, maintaining its altitude. The craft was tilted slightly to us and we could see that it had a spinning band around the middle. We could also see that the upper portion of the craft was lit and illuminating the cloud cover above it.

We had an uneasy feeling that whoever was in the craft was observing us observing them.

It hovered for two minutes and then resumed a south eastern direction over the Ohio Wesleyan campus and was gone.

We also saw the disk was wobbling as it left. Delaware is a growing bustling city with heavy retail traffic on Friday and Saturday.

Surely someone else should have seen this.

Thanks for reading my entry.