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Occurred : 7/12/2015 01:30 (Entered as : 7/12/15 01:30)
Reported: 7/15/2015 4:01:35 PM 16:01
Posted: 7/17/2015
Location: Tilton, NH
Shape: Diamond
Duration:14 seconds
I saw a diamond-shaped strobing object streak across the sky, forming a circular pattern (in a matter of seconds) before disappearing.

I was in Tilton, NH, (elevation 443 feet) visiting some friends with my former co-worker and her boyfriend. We were out in the front yard in a wooded part of town. It was approximately 1:30 am on July 12, 2015. I was facing south. I was looking not directly upwards, but rather with about a 15% declination from perpendicular (so at about an 85 degree angle). Throughout the evening, I was looking up at the stars. First, I saw a shooting star. Then, I saw a satellite. And then, I saw another satellite.

But then I saw an object that blinked almost like a plane. But then it skipped across the sky at an incredible speed, and blinked again, then it blinked a third time, again in a mostly straight line. Then it quickly changed directions and blinked again, and then it was making a tight circle in a clockwise direction. It blinked again, blinked another time, and then blinked one last time completing the circle, and then it moved on.

The object was moving from East to West, was uniform in its strobe lighting, and was not a circular object, but rather angular or diamond-shaped, when it blinked. It was at an extremely high altitude (possibly in the upper atmosphere or even in space), and covered a span of my vision (standing. I was in a field approximately 100 yards wide) in a matter of approximately 10-14 seconds. The duration of the blinks lasted about a half a second. The movement from one position to the next position took approximately 2 seconds.

The range in space could have had the visible object having covered dozens of miles in a matter of a few seconds, finishing in a circle before it disappeared behind the trees to my right (in the West). Had I stretched out my arm and put up my right thumb, the object would have built the circle in a clockwise formation in the sky, starting at the top of my thumb to the bottom of my thumb, and as if one were to make a circle with the top and bottom of my thumb (at the joint) being part of the circumference of the circle. This would have completed the circle that the object had made towards what would be the top left part of my thumb.