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Occurred : 7/17/2015 04:00 (Entered as : 7-17-15 4:00)
Reported: 7/17/2015 6:42:48 AM 06:42
Posted: 7/17/2015
Location: Henderson, NV
Shape: Sphere
Duration:4-5 seconds
I saw a orb-like object in the sky, with green and blue iridescent like trails. It was so bright like a giant LED light.

It shot across the sky fast like a shooting star, and I thought that it was at first (I grew up in the country and have witnessed many). It went from shooting across the sky, to almost a slow "glide."

At that point it regained my curosity, I see airplanes and helicopters every single night here in Vegas.

I'm not a dummy, I consider myself pretty street-smart. I am 100% positive I saw what I described.

After the glide, it went out of view behind a tree, and disappeared.