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Occurred : 8/15/2013 01:00 (Entered as : 08/15/13 1:00)
Reported: 7/28/2015 5:15:41 AM 05:15
Posted: 7/31/2015
Location: Elverum (Norway),
Shape: Light
Duration:20 minutes
Spotted a UFO on two separate nights, and it may have reacted when I tried to communicate with it.

This is an anecdotally written description of my experience, originally posted on an internet forum. I just clipped it in here, with dramatic flair and everything.

I will try to stay as precise and clear as I possibly can. This happened roughly two years ago. This will be long...

I have always wanted to believe, but I'm a natural sceptic to anything and everything. I believe nothing until you can scientifically prove it, at the same time as I believe everything is possible (because logically everything *is* possible).

It was fall 2013, and the Norwegian darkness comes fast when summer is gone. When I stayed home for a few months it kind of naturally fell upon me to be the one who walked the dog. My mom got a german shepard a few years back, and I quite like taking him for walks in the forest. I especially prefer walking in the forest at night, when it's pitch black. The woods are right next to our neighborhood, so I have easy access and know these woods like the back of my hand. That's why I'm able to walk it in utter darkness.

The time was somewhere around midnight, maybe later, as ((dog's name deleted)) and I went for our nightly walk. Being night I also let him run free, as there are no chances of him attacking another dog or person. He can be a bit aggressive (because he's nervous).

Anyway, we get to the big clearing we sometimes go to, and stop there to chill out a little. The night sky is clear and the stars are shining beautifully bright. The dog is running about doing his thing, and I'm just standing there, looking up, dreaming, wishing, HOPING, that one day, maybe, just MAYBE I'd be so lucky as to see something "magical".

After about ten minutes of standing like that (felt like a meditation), I suddenly notice a strong, yellowish light far, far away, just over the treeline horizon (which I'm barely able to distinguish from the black sky). The light was stronger than any other stars - I would say it was four-five times stronger than the strongest star/planet I've ever seen in the sky.

At first, it's just hovering there, and I think nothing of it. It's a bright star at the edge of the horizon, so it gets light-enchanced due to the curvature of the atmosphere, the scientist in me tells me. Then it slowly starts to move...

The motion was fluid, small, but noticeable. The weak treeline below it gives me a good referance point against the moving light, and it's *definitely* moving. Back and forth a little. Up and down a little. Just small movements, no jerking, no sudden anything. I stand there for 20 minutes watching this, as the light slowly dances above the treeline, and I enjoy the show. Then I get bored, and go home(!).

Yes. I got bored! Watching a moving light in the sky has limited interest value. Who knew!? Next day I regret leaving so soon. I wished I'd filmed it (even though something in me told me not to), and I wished I'd stayed there for longer. I'll just go back tonight and have another look-see, I think to myself. And that evening, about the same time, I went back.

Same procedure as last time. After ten minutes (maybe less) standing in the open space looking up, there suddenly appears a very bright light, quite similar to the one from the day before. Except this time it appears in the middle of the sky, right above me. And this time the light isn't slowly moving back and forth, up and down. This time, it's really dancing across the sky - similar to the movements of Tinker Bell in Peter Pan, or how one of those glowing fluorescent bugs move (we don't have these in Norway though).

I am utterly amazed, grateful, dancing, laughing, enjoying the experience. I swear I can feel I'm telepathically communicating with this light. We dance with eachother and I laugh at how silly I think this must've looked if someone had walked by :P We enjoy each other's company for a good 20-30 minutes, when alas, boredom strikes again! Can you believe it!? I've been waiting to see a UFO my entire life, and here I get it thrown at me TWICE, and I STILL GET BORED!?! Yeah, go figure...

Because boredom, I decide I want to up the ante a little. Take it to the next level. I want MORE.

I say out loud "Show me something crazy." Not five seconds later the strangest sound I have ever heard begins 'thumping' from the path that leads into the darkness of the woods. The dog suddenly becomes attentive to the sound, and stands up right next to me, utterly stiff and still. His ears and face are peeked towards the sound, which is becoming louder and stronger.

To describe it would be to utterly fail, but words are all I got. Imagine the sound of someone jogging over gravel, and the sound of a tire across a sandy road, and the wings of a bird flapping slowly. It was like a pulse, throbbing, thomping, swooshing, punching. Getting louder as it was getting closer.

My hairs were standing on the back of my neck, the dog was frozen, and to my frightening surprise I realize the sound isn't coming from the path into the forest. It's coming from OVER the trees. I begin to freak out and imagine running wolves coming to eat me alive, or a bear running towards me. But it's over the trees? I s it a giant owl? But it sounds like someone is biking! No one is biking in the woods in the middle of the night, c'mon! My thoughts are quenched by the primal fear that is rising inside me. The sounds is so intensely loud and close that someone or something is jumping out of that darkness any second! FUCK THIS! I'M OUTTA HERE!! I back up slowly, then hurriedly, then turn around and friggin' run my ass off! The dog is unchained, but I firmly tell him to run right beside me ("Walk nice" command), and he obeys like never before. I run despite almost falling over several times. The path is known, but the ground is invisible, so each step is a step of trust. The walk back home usually takes around 10 minutes or so. We were home in less than 2.

Inside, safely at home, I shake off the fear, but I don't get much rest that night... Day after I still feel a lingering fear, and I decide I should face it and head back out tonight. At around midnight again, I take the dog and we go towards the 'entrance' to the forest. The path leads into the woods as a door in through a wall. A wall of blackness. Fear increases again as I approach it. Hesitant. Actually scared. We walk a few feet into the forest, and the dog suddenly starts squeezing himself around my legs, walking around me, suddenly stopping and looking straight ahead into the nothingness, begins to growl. OKAY HELL NO GTF OUTTAHERE! We sprint-walk back home, and I didn't walk the dog for a week.