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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/30/2007 01:00 (Entered as : 2007/2008 1:00)
Reported: 8/8/2015 5:05:55 PM 17:05
Posted: 8/13/2015
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Shape: Other
Duration:3-5 minutes
Men in black are real, no one can tell me otherwise

My first strange encounter.

A past girlfriend of mine has been evicted from her north Philadelphia apartment, with no where for her to go, I ask my grandmother, "Can my girlfriend spend the night with us, since she has no where go?" My grandmom replied, "No, she cannot stay here," which led to me and my girl leaving the house together and getting into her 1993 Buick lasabre that was parked at the very beginning of the block. We could not figure out where to go at that time, so we both ended up dosing off and falling asleep in her car with the seats reclined back.

To my surprise I wake up from hearing an aggressive knock at the dark tinted passenger window beside me. The knock was similar to the way a police knocks on your window at a regular traffic stop. I turned my head towards the window, I look up and see an Asian like man with very dark pitch black eyes, both of his eyes were black like some sort of demon staring right at us.

I reach for the handle to open the door and approach this strange looking person, and my girlfriend pulled back on me saying, "Don't get out of the car, why ((profanity deleted)) do his eyes look like that?" In a scared tone.

So me playing the brave guy role at the time, ignoring my girlfriend I get out of the car anyway and approach this person. Feeling slightly dizzy and drowsy like I would normally waking up out of a short sleeping session. I'm literally standing about two feet away from this guy, directly looking into his eyes, thinking to myself, "This is one ugly strange looking ((profanity deleted)).

His skin was so pale which made him look even weirder. He was dressed in a black tight fitting long sleeve black shirt, with black cargo pants and black footwear, and he was built like a small Asian guy with Asian like features. The closer I'm moving towards him, the more jumpy this guy is acting but not in a aggressive way, more like a defensive way as if I was going to attack him. I ask him " what's the problem?" And he responded in a soft low tone saying, "Yea, man just go home." I replied back wiping my dreary eyes still feeling dazed saying, "I live on this block." Then he replied for the second time saying "yea I know, just go home man," like he was trying to help me out. So I asked feeling slightly disturbed and annoyed saying" so what are you a cop or something?" Then he replied back somewhat studdering with a slight snicker saying " ye yea I'm a cop". I said "ok" as the guy turns his back to me and walk towards this vehicle that's double parked crookedly in th! e street I'm also stunned by the vehicle he gets in. It's a white Hyundai, not just any average white Hyundai. This was one of the most amazing, cleanest, spotless vehicles I've ever seen in my life at the time. They look similar to the way they look now in 2015 but this was back in the 2007 or 2008 time period. The headlights on the car were extremely bright shining down the block opposite of me. I mean these light were bright, and he was driving alone because I noticed no one else in the vehicle. I got a good look of the front of the car and seen the tilted "H" symbol on the grill of the car. That last how I know it wasn't a Honda, this was a Hyundai. It was like a car in the future to me back then, and how they look now reminds me of this encounter every time I see one ride past.

He then sped off down wyncote avenue and I got back in the car with my girlfriend. She's asking me "what did he say? I tell her that he must've been an undercover cop and her car probably matched the description of another car used in a crime in my neighborhood. With that said I flagged the situation away like it was no big deal and continued the rest of the night out with my girlfriend.

What puzzles me about this, is the fact that no police badge was present at the time, no walkie talkies, no back up no weapon. This guy was very gentle but intimidating.

((NUFORC Note: One of three seemingly credible reports from same witness. PD))