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Occurred : 7/31/2015 23:00 (Entered as : 07/31/2015 23:00)
Reported: 8/10/2015 6:03:31 PM 18:03
Posted: 8/13/2015
Location: Orlando, FL
Shape: Disk
Duration:2-3 minutes
On 07/31/15, at approximately 11:10 PM, I decided to go out and check to see if the night sky was clear enough to observe the Blue Moon effect that was supposed to take place that evening. So, I grabbed my dog and proceeded out the front door of my house, and no sooner did step out and looked up at the night sky that had some slight overcast, did I notice to the south/east sky some sort of slow descending craft with four extremely bright round white lights. It momentarily stopped and all of a sudden the four white lights began to randomly blink.

Needless to say, at that point, I'm starting to freak out, looking for anyone that I could find to witness what was going on, while still keeping my eyes on the craft.

Then all of a sudden the craft while stationary makes a quarter turn to the right clockwise and there were four more lights the same size but these were all red in color emanating the same brightness, and they began a random blinking as well.

From my left peripheral view I caught sight a commercial air liner descending and approaching in on its flight path for a landing into Orlando International Airport (MCO) which is approximately four miles south from this location. That was when the craft started descending straight down at this time and it felt as if it was avoiding the airliners pathway.

It slowly descended out of my view behind some tree tops and houses and I would guess about maybe three to five blocks away at most. That was when I made a dash into the house for my point & shoot digital camera, phone and car keys and decided to search out what exactly this craft was. My first thought was, it was some sort of expensive really big hovering drone and surely I would be able to track who ever was flying it while they were packing it away, but I found nothing so I extended my search even further out than I anticipated and still nothing. I drove back to the main road SR 436 hoping to catch some people perhaps gathered talking about the lights but there also I found no one...

Approach and descent of craft: From the S/E sky, heading S/W.
Speed: Slow.
Approximate size: Ten feet plus in diameter.
Shape: disk like.
Lights: Four per quarter side (but could only see two sides of craft)
Color of craft: N/A
Sound or Humming: None (and it was a really quiet night)
Height in the sky of craft: Just below the over cast at the time of descent.

Side notes: There was also a smaller solid blue light off to the bottom side of the craft.

((name deleted))

Orlando, FL.