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Occurred : 8/16/2015 20:15 (Entered as : 08/16/2015 20:15)
Reported: 8/16/2015 11:36:16 PM 23:36
Posted: 8/27/2015
Location: Williamsport, PA
Shape: Changing
Duration:4.25 hours
Three lights merged over my head at 30,000 or more feet, then danced in the sky.

815pm apx I walked my dogs and found a plant upset, so I bent to fix it. I have a lot of injuries so it wasnt possible. To this, I lamented by lying down on my steps. As I looked into the northwest sky, I saw a red and white object (thought it a plane) zip over to my rt and absorb another bright white object then it reversed in a downward motion and grabbed yet another smaller dimmer white object then it began to blink red and white and bleu lights. I screamed for others to come as I had no phone.

Finally my neighbors 2 downstairs came out and argued over what it could be as it sat high in the sky not movinhg almost like mimicing a star. My son brought out this laptop and a phone.

I dialed and reported to no avail the local police arrived and saw the trail it left when it moved but this time it only manuvered a bit, so he said it wa a twinkle and that it was just a star ofc Slausknofski spelling?? He was German and I never took my eyes from the object the ent! ire time it was over us then after a lot odd manuvers it slowly moved northwest toward areas known as Old Lycoming, Trout Run, Rock Run it finally crested a mountain where it painfully hoovered for 20 or more minutes before finally disappearing from our sight.

A roomate from downstairs came in at the last hour and sat with me while we called the pentagon they asked if this phenomon worried us??? They proceeded dropped our calls repeatly transferred us to the fbi, a defense something or other they dropped the call too. I just kept calling and watching as the object seem to release the smaller white light. It udulated it zigzagged it did rt angles then made little circles.My nephew also saw these same three become one in the southside of the river. It reminded me of surveying a job in a helicopter. But I have never seen three copters attach and detache as it surveyed. It scared me it unnerved me.

Also, in this almost 5 hour display a fireball, comet or whaterver shot out from the eastern sky like it was over our trees, the object was! 30,000 to 40,000 ft from us, or so it seemed.

Soon after the fireball a meteor or shooting star came from same direction but higher same trajectory thought. The other thing to note is this object stayed in a dark cloud mass the entire time. You could see aircraft passing it in all directions Finnally it hoover slowly oh painfully slow over th Mountain and I gave up my vigil. I was in a lot of pain after all the standing and arguong but I never once lost sight of the object. I even contacted our moronic local police to inform them the object had moved from our sight. The thing did alot of stuff and 6 of us saw the really inexplicable movements the ofc saw it move saw the like I would call an expulsion of fuel every time it moved it trailled a stream of three or more lines like a rocket?

Now, I am being critized, made fun of and will probaly be involved in a physical altercation with the idiots across from us who have three or more adults anda abunch of kids like 6 or more they were all out there as soon as a cop car showed up. They saw it, my 35yr old male neighbor is now saying it didn't move but my son saw it and he isnt the sort to say something because of in fact the exact opposite We did attept to photograph with cells but it was so far away. I contacted WBREchannel/NBC but they were too bus WNEP channel 16/ABC and got the same story. At 1227 am I gave up it was gone and no one seemed to care,

Shake my head...