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Occurred : 8/24/2015 00:00 (Entered as : 8.24.15 0:00)
Reported: 8/23/2015 10:59:45 PM 22:59
Posted: 8/27/2015
Location: Racine, WI
Shape: Unknown
Stationary star like object that twinkled green, gold and red but made small fast mauevers then stationary again.

On Sunday night or Monday morning at exactly 11:30, my girlfriend and I went to watch the stars over Lake Michigan at Racine Veach. As we were looking at star patterns, we noticed a very bright star above Lake Michigan. It twinkled so brightly, we had to check it out. Lately we've be3en using binoculars. We saw what appeared to be a stationary star, but it looked as though it was making small loop patterns when you focused on it, but it never left that position very much.

When we focused the binoculars on it, we noticed flashes of bright green, almost a plasma type color. In addition to the green, there was a sliver/gold light always and red every once in a while. I am familiar with flashing lights on planes, helicopters, etc., and it wasn't a safety strobe or anything like that. Besides, this object just sat stationary and every once in appeared to move. The colors were distinct and always showed green and gold/silverfish color.

Through the lenses, we assumed this object was in motion but staying in a stationary or "Star-like" position. Planes passed by many times so we could refence the light against known aircraft passing by into Racine airport, and the colors from this object were very bright, colorful and brilliant. So, basically one of the stars low in the distance twinkled so much it attracted our attention away from the others in the night sky. When we looked closer with the binoculars, we saw strong green and gold colors, plus sometimes red, but only every so often and never in a pattern or anything. It looked like a craft pretending to be a star, but it gave off such brightness and colors, it was the only thing we looked at besides 2 shooting stars at 11:59 p.m. and 12:06 a.m.. So it was a bright star, that was twinkling green, goldish/siver and red while it sat in a stationary position. Every once in a while when we would see the red, it would appear to move in very fast,erratic movements like a distant,fuzzy,bouncy object. We were too far and the lights were to bright to id a def shape.

It was strange, I spot satelites all the time. This was a stationary star looking abject that appeared green,gold and red, flashes or pulses, and we got there around 11:30 pm and left around 12:15 am, and the star/object generally stayed in the same spot the whole time. It was still there when we left, and I didn't want to leave before this thing did something, but I had to get home, I was there for around an hour maybe more.

I will go out at the same time tomorrow night to check for the object against the reference of the star patterns. If it's still there, I will report back. No tail, or sounds but it was way out over the lake, so no sounds or anything.

Object might have been spinning or something like spinning,popping while it hovered, almost as if it had to in order to stay floating at a stationary spot.

Feel free to contact me