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Occurred : 9/15/2014 03:00 (Entered as : 09/15/2014 03:00)
Reported: 9/16/2015 8:31:35 AM 08:31
Posted: 9/17/2015
Location: Monmouth County, NJ
Shape: Unknown
Duration:30 minutes
same as minneapolis - but 1 year prior

The mineapolis case needs further review. I have lived in NJ most of my life, and after these incidents, I can say that I know the difference between advertising lights and - well, something else. I am almost 100% sure that these witnesses did not see routine advertising lights, and that is the reason, amongst others, as to why I never reported these incidents. The circular lights that a witness was able to capture on film is accurate to my personal account. I have seen these types of light s for over a year now - 3 times in total.

I am reporting it now because the LAST time I saw these lights there was no way to explain what they were, but in fact all three accounts match the description in Minneapolis.

I will not exaggerate my claims here they are: Prior to September of 2014 (in January just after new years -holiday lights were still up on people's property) I was travelling to work on the garden state parkway when out of my left field of vision I saw! what appeared to be lights over a condo development in Monmouth county NJ. They DID look like advertising lights - like when you see searchlights in the sky - It was overcast and cold and close to midnight and I could see a series of whitish blue lights congregated in a dancing circle formation - - I said to myself that it was odd because they were really lighting up the sky and I could determine NO light path from the ground to the clouds above, yet I dismissed it because the span of the object was over a very large area - probably a quarter mile. I got to work and thought nothing more of it. The second time was in april - - this time there was a witness with me. Same phenomenon, white lights circular large formation OVERCAST NIGHT around 9 or 10pm. The other witness and I both noticed it, again the object was behind a cloud - but it was strange - - the other witness said it was a satellite probably doing a "scan for a satellite imagery map" - But it hovere! d in the area for at least 20 minutes until the lights faded i! n an alm ost choreographed fashion. The third time I saw this was in September last year - - and I have not felt the same since. It was about 3am and I was working late when I decided to walk out of MY HOUSE on foot to a convenience store about a quarter mile north of my house. As I am leaving the convenience store I glance up (another hazy overcast night) to see bright lights off to the east of where I live. I have a home on about 5000 sq feet of property, so I went into the backyard of my home to observe what this object was. I never did see the object all 3 times but the last one seemed to move behind (or control) a slowly moving cloud. it proceeded to travel to the south, making a slow progression west then north and then stopped almost directly over my home. I noticed that there were no wildlife sounds as this was taking place (crickets, frogs, etc). this object had to be thousands of feet in diameter if the lights on it were attached to it. The lights were all bluish -! white piercing the cloud from above, not below. they moved in a figure 8 motion for about 15 minutes, then the pattern changed to 2 isolated lights, each moving in a large circular formation against each others path. When each light ran into each other along the path they changed direction. At this time I was pretty convinced that this was not normal, but an extraordinary object apparently of large shape (or mass) making no sound, and apparently does not know or is unaware that it can be seen. I was very moved by this change in pattern, as then I realized that this was not an aircraft known by me or anyone else. I watched as the 2 lights slowly faded away- still rotating against each other, respectively, then the cloud seemed to move eastward to the horizon. I never reported this - I was more or less panicked by what I saw and it was difficult to leave the house for the next 4 weeks. I did not take any pictures that night, but had more than an opportunity to do so.! I was more awe-struck than anything else, yet I could not ta! ke my ey es off of this object. It was apparently very large, silent and very advanced - I am trying to imagine what this craft must have looked like (minus the cloud) - - If the lights are affixed to the object then it is thousands of feet in diameter. The second pattern change makes me think that this was the case, as the rhythmic pattern (the figure 8's) in the first instance could be individual crafts, but when it changed to the second pattern, it nailed it for me that this craft was of a specific size, shape and dimension. That is why I say it had to be very large. I witnessed something extraordinary yet unsettling and have never reported this because until last night when I researched nuforc's site I saw nothing that really matched the description of what I saw up until now - almost exactly.