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Occurred : 9/16/2015 20:20 (Entered as : 09/16/2015 20:20)
Reported: 9/20/2015 7:59:52 AM 07:59
Posted: 9/25/2015
Location: Littleville, AL
Shape: Light
Duration:10 seconds
There was a big burst of light we seen threw the trees. It was bright enough to light the sky up and it kept getting brighter. I took off running to one side of the trees to get a better look and my son took off twords the opposite side of me to see what was happening. It took me just a second or two to get where I had a really good look then I seen a bright green burst of kinda like a green haze of light came shooting out of the first bright light that appeared.

It came shooting down with a green haze around it and was leaving some kind of trail behind it.

My son seen the green burst of light and everything else I seen except for when it was traveling twords the ground he seen a white light where I seen green. When it got to tree top hight the greenish haze disappeared and I seen a capsule object heading to the ground at a very fast rate of speed. It had to hit the ground or land.

This happened on 09/16/2015 8:20PM.