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Occurred : 9/27/2015 21:08 (Entered as : 092715 21:08)
Reported: 9/27/2015 8:59:20 PM 20:59
Posted: 9/29/2015
Location: Naperville, IL
Shape: Light
Duration:4 minutes
Mysterious single light south of N'ville zipping very fast up, down, sideways, angling upwards, then downwards blinking at times.

While watching the lunar eclipse tonight around 9 pm, viewing towards the east and south, we witnessed a single light hovering, then rising sharply straight up, then falling sharply straight down, then zipping sharply and very fast to the left, up down, right, left, sideways, angled upwards then angled downwards, in a completely random pattern. It was blinking on and off, also randomly, throughout the 4 minute period we stood watching this. It was far in the distance, to the east and south of where we were standing. It was approximately 20 degrees above the horizon? It appeared way off in the distance, like perhaps 15 miles from where we were, although I could not judge this for certain. I say these numbers because other planes were in the sky (further away) and were fainter and smaller lights and moving at a steady rate across the sky - not so this light. It was brighter (so closer? or bigger?) than a plane 20+ miles away.

It could not have been a plane - planes do not move that fast nor rise and fall like that (straight up, then down). It could not have been a drone - I doubt I could have seen a drone move that fast and in such a peculiar pattern either. It could not have been a helicopter - again, no helicopter could have moved that fast, nor traveled sideways or angled upwards like that. It was not a search light - this was a single light, not a beam of light. The light was white or bluish white. It looked like a firework, but with no trail/tail and no visible trajectory path - just a light zipping around. Besides, a firework burns out - this light stayed lit and then would blink out, then return in a different location with the same intensity and size/shape.