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Occurred : 9/27/2015 22:10 (Entered as : 09/27/2015 22:10)
Reported: 9/28/2015 11:46:25 AM 11:46
Posted: 9/29/2015
Location: Coconut Creek, FL
Shape: Unknown
Duration:<5 minutes
Points of light in the night sky over Pompano/Coconut Creek area moving in erratic fashion

I left work at about 7:50pm, and rode home on my scooter. Along the ride, I noticed with deep compassion the moon’s beauty. The ride home took me no more than 10 minutes. I parked my scooter onto the drive-way, noticed my father had company over, open the garage with a garage door remote located in Parents’ car. I remained in my room from the moment I got home until 9:45, when the last of my father’s company returned to their vehicles parked outside. While I was in my room I visited and engaged with several websites as well as read several articles pertaining to what time the lunar eclipse would be occurring and was under the impression that I would not settle myself outside until around 1am on the 28th (when I thought the eclipse would start as stated in the articles that I read). After I was assured that each of my father’s guests had left, I made my way onto the back patio to take a quick glimpse of the moon and was shocked to find out that the eclipse ha! d already started. More than half of the moon was submerged in darkness and only a small quarter of light on its right (my right) remained visible I quickly returned inside to retrieve my notepad, phone, glasses and a thin sweater.

I retuned outside and positioned myself facing east towards the eclipse, where I sat for approximately 15 minutes. During this time I was able to note at most 3 airborne objects (what I believed to be ordinary planes) taking steady course across the sky. A final craft (4th) rose above from behind the trees in my backyard in a motion I can describe as STAIGHT UP but NOT TOWARDS the NORTH.

I did not focus on the object until it made a complete STOP well above the trees. The object was sitting plainly in the CLEAR night sky, with a sliver of light from the reflecting moon. The object, which I no longer thought could be a plane, had the same pattern of lights one of the three previous airborne objects that I noted in about the sky. A CONSTANT BLUE BASE LIGHT ACCOMPANIED BY ALTERNATING WHITE AND RED LIGHTS ON EITHER SIDE.

My focus was transfixed on the airborne object and I remained a spectator until fear overcame me due to the unnerving sounds that were coming just off from the left side of the patio (my mother near the trash). During the period I remained present, the airborne craft moved horizontally to the west*right (A maneuver that to my knowledge, present day crafts were incapable of maneuvering) then horizontally to the east*left and finally centered itself back to where it had originally STOPPED. This horizontal motion occurred at least twice before I rushed into my home to call the first person that I could show while the airborne object was still in the air in its STOP motion.

My mother, was the first person I made contact with after the sighting and I asked her to come outside and witness the airborne object. SHE DID SEE THE OBJECT IN THE SKY located above the trees and at that time it was in its STOPPED motion. I made her wait with me as we starred at the object that was STILL (nonmoving) in the sky. I was hoping the craft would maneuver horizontally as it did before, for my mother’s witness, but it did not motion at all while I and my mother were both gazing at the airborne object. She attempts to assure me that it was “just a plane going in an SLOW upward motion”. I attempted to bring forth other spectators such as my little brother and older sister, while my mother remained watching the airborne object in the sky. I returned to the patio no more than 1 minute later, while the object was (to our eyes) ini the same area I initially spotted it doing its STOP motion. My mother told me that the craft had simply “continued its upward motion” whi! ch would still have been visible to see because the clear and open sky. My mother returned inside to report the news that “I THOUGHT I saw a UFO”, sharing a laugh with my older sister and my little brother. I then pulled my little brother outside in spite of the current ridicule and attempted to tell him by words and pointing where I and mother had seen the object and I attempted to describe to him about the horizontal motions I witnessed. My brother made his final remarks and returned inside, siding at the end to ridicule me along with the rest of my family.

I remained outside hoping that the object would return to its positioning but to no avail. I started my voice recording of the sighting. Noting that the time was precisely 10:20 pm.