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Occurred : 4/10/2015 00:00 (Entered as : 4/10/2015 0:00)
Reported: 10/5/2015 1:24:23 AM 01:24
Posted: 10/9/2015
Location: Port Elizabeth (South Africa),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:All night
Advanced spheres with changing lights & morphing abiltys. Seen 4 different types sphere, cigar, morphing & a dark circular disc (orbs)

Every night in Port Elizabeth, I see & spot plenty of ufo's. Some sparkle & reflect all the colors in the spectrum. They break formation regroup, some also morph there crafts & disguiz them selfs as the stand passenger plane. Some make no sound at all & dart up & down & in a zigzag like pattern. I can see the in the tree as small dots. I have been experiencing this for just over a year now. They present themselves as almost like a cartoon "grey alien's." I also figured out that they have masterd control light energy and dark energy/matter.

They have amazing tech. & seem to use some sort of fusion energy & magnetized there craft which as no wings & no tail/rudder.

I have amazing footage and hours of recording them. I just want to put this out there because it seems people don't notice or care. I think some miltary establishments know all of this & can't seem to catch up when jets are despatched.

Also, keeping this out of public channels because of global panic. I say the people of earth have a right to know.

I would like to share my footage it is unbelievable! Can't leave my details but I'm sure I can contact someone to investigate these frequent sightings. They must be at lest a few thousand years ahead in terms of there tech & abilities.