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Occurred : 10/10/2015 18:00 (Entered as : 10/10/15 18:00)
Reported: 10/12/2015 8:57:37 PM 20:57
Posted: 10/16/2015
Location: Florence, AL
Shape: Light
Duration:1 minute
Saw 3 seperate light orbs brighten up above us in the air,hovered & then travel southward

First, let me say,I'm not new to these light orbs & I have been seeing these orbs constant & researching them since our very first sighting in 06.For the record,I have made reports here & to Mufon & have videos on youtube.Back in 2013 when the sightings got bizzare & frequent,I tried to make reports & to get more witnesses from UFO investigators but nobody would listen,so I quit reporting.I know what stars,venus,the ISS & airplanes are & look like.None of them fly silently right above tree lines & above you ,hover,get bright & pulsate,flicker violently & dim back out before flying onward.When someone makes a report & says "flickering" I know what they are referring to because I have witnessed seeing these for a long time & know their characteristics.It's not a twinkling star or a hoax as suggested at the bottom of 1 report here on NUFORC that was from my state back in August.Being insulted myself before,I can imagine how that witness felt. My advic! e,just because you don't understand exactly what someone is saying don't be quick to discredit them & say it's a hoax.If you see these orb ufo's enough,read enough reports,you will start to compare events & know the characteristics of the Ufo's being reported. Now on with my report.

What's different this time is,tonight me & my wife witnessed 3 separate very bright orbs light up right above us in the air.To see 1 orb is always a treat.The most we have ever saw in 1 night has been 2.And I'm talking about the low ones,maybe a few hundred to a thousand ft high,not the ones higher up about airplane height.The first orb I saw by myself around 7:00 & it appeared to come from the north West.I can't say for sure because it didn't get bright for me to see until it was right up on me. Note:(this is what they do sometimes,we don't always see them coming from a distance,they light up in a instant in front of you & dim out in an instant)It stayed lit up bright heading south until I could not see it anymore.

The second bright orb appeared about 15 minutes or so later about in the same spot heading in the same direction as the first orb but dimmed completely out within 10 seconds are so.A few minutes later,we saw the 3rd orb & it was directly above us & seemed to hover a few seconds as it was powered up as bright as it could be & then it stated to move,pick up speed & then continued to travel southward as the first 2 orbs.

That was it, it was a clear starry night with a slight wind until the orbs came through.About 15 or so minutes afterwards it got really cloudy & we went inside.This was the first time of seeing 3 back to back like this. What irritates me is,we can make reports until the sun don't shine but nobody can come forward & tell the public what we're seeing? If you don't believe in aliens,you can say It's U.S.Government related but these are not just in a specific area like I once thought.When I see a video from a guy in Europe,Mexico or in Egypt & I can clearly see or read that it matches exactly to what I see with my own eyes in small town Alabama then there is a lot more to it.