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Occurred : 10/21/2015 12:26 (Entered as : 10-21-15 12:26)
Reported: 10/22/2015 6:33:15 PM 18:33
Posted: 10/29/2015
Location: Elcho, WI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 minute
V "like" shape craft above Langlade County WI USA

I have often heard craft over the last few months since moving to my current location in northern Wisconsin, suddenly roar out of the upper atmosphere and fly off at a low altitude in one direction or another, ordinarily east or south, and checking FlightRadar on my ipad, most often nothing commercial is anywhere in my vicinity. Which leaves only two possibilities in my mind, secret military black project craft or extraterrestrial craft. The fact these are often followed by sightings of choppers, or airplanes flying over the area, I more often suspect extraterrestrial origins when this occurs.

Thus hearing in the last two days, this EXTRAORDINARILY LOUD craft, suddenly start roaring overhead as it tears through the sky (literally as if, the sky is tearing open, this sound is like afterburners times a hundred), suddenly the roaring begins in the south as example, circling around, then stops over south, and begins to the north, circling around over the north, stops there and its heard back east, etc., something is seemingly "jumping" around, place to place, or often seems to circle nearby my location then with nothing in between begins circling elsewhere before the echo from the first location ceases. Which, I cannot see the sky clearly to the east, south, or north, here, due to heavy forestation here. However, to the west we are on the shore of a large hundreds of acre's lake. There the sky is of course, wide open, and one can see the southwest sky, western sky, and northwestern sky.

This day, 10-21-15, the craft's sound, jumping around, and seemingly circling, circling to the east, then after jumping, circling again to the southeast, it seems (like it is looking for something), it passes flying one direction away across the southern side of the lake. This day, 10-21-15, I went out again hearing this thing, and could see nothing until, hearing it proceeding west over the southern side of the lake, I went to the lakeshore, still seeing nothing, I began snapping pics of the sky at random, with my Cannon Powershot Camera, and later discovered the craft pictured, in one photo.

I cannot post directly online from my camera and this pic is a retake of the LED Screen of my camera using the ipad camera, and that pic, is filed with this report. The thus, enlarged, "v" shape craft is then seen large (I estimate actual size at least that of a stealth fighter if not larger) though this craft was traveling west at an altitude of 5,000-10,000 feet I would guesstimate...

I have had this pic reviewed by an aeronautics electronics engineer familiar with most craft in the skies today, the opinion was this was not a known, man made aircraft.

I've not filed a report in some time (and do not, do so, with MUFON or any other UFO investigative or UFO reporting website) because there are some that have questioned why, I see so many unidentified craft in the sky both here, and more so, in Missouri previous to my move to my present location this summer. Even Peter Davenport (Editor here at NUFORC), being a good investigator, has asked me on the telephone several times, this question, and I cannot answer it other than to say: I am open to the experience, accept this reality, and being deeply spiritual person, "invite" mentally/telepathically, in prayer like way, the experience's into my life, and of course, I do a lot of skywatching, all of which combined, most people, don't do. This combination, has brought me hundreds of sightings 2010-2015, only a few of which, from in Holts Summit MO., I have reported here.

This craft however, being a daytime pic, and a decent shot of, even though somewhat blurry, was distinct enough, I felt it should be reported and thus, though it is likely to spark a fourth investigative call from Mr Davenport if posted, felt it should be reported to a wider audience. I do not assert, that this is alien as I think some craft I have witnessed, are, but, this one, it certainly, is one thing: an Unidentified Flying Object ie; UFO.

May the Blessings Be, keep your eyes on the skies 😀