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Occurred : 11/4/2015 22:15 (Entered as : 11/04/2015 22:15)
Reported: 11/7/2015 10:47:02 AM 10:47
Posted: 11/19/2015
Location: Florence, AL
Shape: Light
Duration:>30 minutes
Bright multi-color flashing orb saw in the sky making slow and fast maneuvers from left-right horizontal too vertical maneuvers easily.

The first sighting was approximately two months prior to the sighting I am posting about now from this last Wednesday (11-4-15) at exactly 2:50 a.m. I am a Private Investigator my late twenties and work crazy long hours so needless to say I was asleep on the couch when my Fiancée woke me up in a frightened state saying that she just observed something unexplainable in the sky upon walking outside to have a smoke. I immediately walked outside and much to my surprise there it was. Distance, size and altitude were obviously impossible to determine due to it being far up in the sky. However, I can say with certainty that it was large and was at a far distance from my position in the field behind my residence. This object was absolutely silent and the only observable features about it was that it was a bright glowing white orb (I refer to it as an Orb because it appeared this way from the constant bright light. I don’t know if it was a craft or what) with what a! ppeared to be flashing lights of blue red green and yellow (however this was just observation by the naked eye and could have been a larger or a smaller spectrum of colors). It is hard to say if the changing “flash’s” of different colors was from a spinning movement around the center of it was flashing from the center like a strobe.

I want to point out that while this specific experience I am speaking about is from me and my Fiancée’s first experience from two months prior, both experience’s had the exact same type movements that I am about to describe. The main difference is that the first sighting was at approximately 2:50 a.m. and the most recent sighting was at 10:15 p.m. and BOTH SIGHTINGS HAPPENED IN THE SAME LOCATION IN THE SKY. It helped me out that I had the same two tall trees in my field to use as landmarks while looking up in the sky and allowed us to be able to tell that the objects maneuvers were actually being done and that it was just a trick to our eyes. The object’s maneuvers are what really took us by surprise in th! at it changed in speed at random while going from a hovering position to suddenly darting to the left or right. Also it made circular flying motions as well as moving from a stationary hover to the left then suddenly making nearly a 90° turn and going vertical. All of these types of maneuvers were observed many times and at multiple patterns (Such as darting to the right then shooting straight up all while never changing speed, or while flying in one direction suddenly maneuvering into making an almost perfect circle in the sky) I do not feel that this was a standard aircraft of any kind as it showed no lighting like any citizen passenger or military aircraft I have ever observed. It also did not appear to be moving farther away from our position or so much closer either as its size should have decreased or increased as it flew away or flew closer to us. All of the patterns and sudden changes in speed were observed in a relatively local area in the sky for a very long period of time. At the end of the sighting on the first night, we observed the orb as it ended up flying down out of the local area where it had seemed to hang around and appeared at this point to start flying away from us towards the horizon. However while it was still easily observable in the atmosphere, it seemed to us as if it almost blinked out of existence. The most recent sighting we never witnessed when or how it departed due to both of us having to call it a night and go to bed due to having to be up early for work the next morning. While observing this anomaly on both nights, I first grabbed the first thing with a camera which was my Galaxy S5 with a 16 mp high definition camera in it. While I know that this isn’t super great camera wise, I thought just maybe since this orb is illuminated so well it would pick it up. However, I was wrong. So I can to one of my gear bags I have for my job and just grabbed the first handheld camcorder I could find and it was my Samsung camcorder ! which isn’t anything fancy just a 32x zoom but usually has don! e me alr ight even in most low light scenarios. And again seeing how illuminated this object was I thought surely it would pick it up at least somewhat. But no. I am just hoping that someone else could have observed this event near me. I do want to put out that being the I live in the very northwest part of AL, this object easily in my opinion was hovering and doing these crazy maneuvers over the state of TN or MS. I know MS has an Air Force Base however the only one that comes to mind right off is a bit south of where this orb would have been flying over. So anyone who can help me out here explaining this please don’t hesitate to contact me.