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Occurred : 11/7/2015 18:04 (Entered as : 11/07/2015 18:04)
Reported: 11/7/2015 6:21:10 PM 18:21
Posted: 11/19/2015
Location: San Jose, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:11 minutes
White ball of light emits white cone of light with a green stripe inside of it that glowed.

We stepped outside to look at the Christmas Lights we just strung up. In the sky to the south west we saw this amazingly white light shining down towards the earth from a ball of white light in the sky. It was traveling at jet aircraft speeds towards the north. The white light shining down went out from the point of light at an angle towards the ground and it expanded out in a very distinct come shape that had very clear edges to it. In the center of the cone of white light was a green stripe of light that glowed like radium and nearly the same color. The point of light emitted no sound and was traveling upwards from the earth. The cone of light itself began to come apart like a fog. The point of light was going higher and higher and made a turn to the west northwest. You could see the point of light for a very long time after..probably 5 minutes or more. The cone dissipated but the green light in the center faded much slower.

((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))