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Occurred : 9/1/2015 00:00 (Entered as : 09/01/15 0:00)
Reported: 11/11/2015 4:28:01 PM 16:28
Posted: 11/12/2015
Location: Ford, WA
Shape: Diamond
Duration:~4 hours on two nights
For some time I have been witnessing strange lights in the sky. They sometimes huver in one place and a few times have flown in a triangle pattern. This has happened periodically for about 4 years that I noticed. One night in particular it was late and I could not sleep so I went down to Long Lane and sat on the dock about a mile 31st of Long Lake Dam when I noticed a bright light in the present of the moon and it followed the moon until day broke. The very next night the light was also in the sky but this time held itself to the east of where I was... Above the painted rock's belonging to the Spokane Tribe of Indians. A year earlier then that situation I witnessed a fireball traveling low and westbound through the sky. I have come to wonder what these crafts are. They move at the speed unknown to me or any others I have brought the attention of these lights to. Now I have moved north of the area 61st still occassionally see the craft huvering in the night ! sky.