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Occurred : 11/12/2015 04:10 (Entered as : 11/12/15 4:10)
Reported: 11/12/2015 12:11:56 PM 12:11
Posted: 11/19/2015
Location: Baldwinsville, NY
Shape: Diamond
Duration:1 minute or less
Loud diamond shaped craft seen over Baldwinsville, NY.

I woke up to use the bathroom at 4 a.m, I had just laid back down in bed, when I was startled by a loud sound, and flashing lights light up my bedroom, at this same time, my nightlight flickered. I looked out the window and saw a large, roughly diamond shaped craft moving over my neighborhood at a relatively slow speed.

The craft was surrounded a glowing haze that made it slightly blurry, and was illuminated by six or seven white lights, one of which was flashing. The lights appeared to run around the perimeter of the craft, It also had one red light which seemed slightly off center of the middle. The lights were so bright they lit up my bedroom and illuminated the ground and trees, it was like lightening. The craft also made a really loud sound, that reminded me of an airplane and a lawnmower joined together.

We often times see helicopters and planes flying over Baldwinsville, some quite low, so I am very familiar with normal air traffic. I am positive this was not a helicopter or any airplane that I have ever seen.