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Occurred : 11/23/2015 16:00 (Entered as : 11/23/2015 16:00)
Reported: 11/23/2015 10:46:03 PM 22:46
Posted: 11/26/2015
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Shape: Other
Duration:15-20 minutes
Multiple UFO craft, abnormal turns and accelerations and appearing from nothing and then vanishing

10-23-2015 Colorado Springs, Colorado, (Security area) UFO sighting.

Just after 4:00pm Just saw a UFO from my front yard in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as I was facing towards the South/South-East. The flying objects were located almost straight up, thousands of feet up. (25? More? By the time the encounter was over I had observed 4 different flying objects with the 1st morphing through three very different shapes during the encounter. (Cigar, circle, then bell- Final shape when it disappeared between flickers)

When I noticed the first object, it caught my eye by being so white and shiny there amongst the blue backdrop of the sky with a only few high altitude clouds not far off from the fast steady moving cigar shaped craft. It was the shape of a plane fuselage without wings and moving at high speeds across the sky with no vapor trail. I could discern no details at this moment save the shape (cigar) and a flickering color.

I watched if for a minute, it was way up there past the highest clouds, small to the naked eye. A single whitish craft with slight silvery sheen around an object that’s mostly white looking although there is setting sun colored (pinky orange) flashes towards the bottom side facing the sun.

(The setting sun I believe is what gave it the appearance of flickering or flashing on that side no matter what direction the craft was traveling. It may be reflection of the setting sun upon areas of the craft as the craft spins) (It could almost be mistaken for a plane if it were holding a steady altitude and going a normal aircraft speed which at first it was, as if mimicking a normal aircraft in speed and altitude) So in all the cigar shaped object seemed to be flickering a weird metallic white hue about most of the craft with pink/orange flashes radiating from the bottom-front sun facing side as it moved or darted about what seems like a long ways away almost straight above my house.

This thing started moving like no aircraft known to civilian science as the motions defied my minds visual knowledge of physics in action. Everything in me screamed this motion was unnatural for machines of man. Every cell in the core of my being knew that what I saw was not possible within my now shattered understanding of the laws of motion.

This movement and motion has only been hinted at in sci-fi movies and I must say that the movements of these objects were very different than even ‘that’. How could something survive the forces, I could only guess, were in playing upon those craft and what about the effects upon any posible biological entity.

This motion from the flickering shimmering glittery pink-tinted spheres were doing some short-range fast acceleration/deceleration maneuvers, zipping and pausing and darting around almost like the motion was governed by something my mind has no concept for comparison. Their motion was different than anything I even seen in the movies, which is what gave me such a sick odd feeling in the pit of my soul. (I have never experienced a sensation like that, which I felt while watching these objects. Knowing I was not alone in what I saw made me feel more ‘real’ than I ever have.) The UFO started out as one cigar shaped object flying in a straight line at very high velocity before coming to a fast stop and changing directions. For a couple minutes it darted about instead of staying upon the course I saw it upon originally.

The object moved fluidly with fast stops and starts almost like a darting hummingbird with very little curving to its flight path as you would expect from any plane or aircraft known to the US and any other nations of the world.

Human craft would need to bank and arc around in a circle to change directions. This was ‘No’ plane. I have worked on many aircraft and ‘nothing’ that is not mentioned in science fiction comes close to this behavior. These craft moved about like predatory birds dogfighting at speeds and direction changes that defy imagination. Just think of the unbelievable g-force conditions exerted.

I went to the front door to call for others to come see the UFO’s. When the two other witnesses showed up I pointed up to it and noticed that it was now circular shaped and fading in and out of view while hovering and appearing to dart around in a tight area.

I realized the craft I relocated, ‘This craft’ was no longer cigar shaped, but circular in appearance all darting and flickering about close to the same area I last saw the original cigar shaped craft.( Did it change or was it a different craft. When I opened the house door to get someone else to see the weird objects, I lost site of the original object).

It seemed to be winking in and out and hoping from being in one place to being in another close by. My mind had a hard time believing that metal could be made to move like that. These were no known manmade objects and these flying objects were real and right there in front of us all.

Then, as I am pointing at it and the others are saying how weird it was moving and with everyone looking after having located the UFO, within moments, 3 more small whitish flickering UFO objects also circular and the same size as the first, appeared out of nowhere almost on top of the first.

To me, at first, the first craft I saw seemed to be winking in and out, but then I started seeing two and three winking at the same time until ‘4’ circular/sphere shaped flying objects seemed to appear into existence.

(Listen to what I am SAYING. ‘They’, three new UFO’s, just appeared, right in front of our eyes. When I say appeared, I mean that the one object was there alone. ((At least there was nothing else of interest within my visual spectrum although the jet had taken off climbing in a lazy mechanical manner flying a southerly direction with these UFO craft almost directly overhead)) It was just there alone one second and then the next second, three others start showing up, flickering in and out of visual sight.

There was no interception from the ground. I absolutely can tell you there was no craft on approach from earth. (One plane did take off from the base heading southeasterly direction with nothing in common as to shape or mannerisms. When I would glance at the plane I couldn’t help but keep thinking that, ‘THAT’ was how I was taught metal was supposed to act while in flight) Now there are 4 moving around the first with 2 hovering a lot within the first ones flight path while the 3rd seemed to be chasing the first. The original would zip one direction and the 2 would move as if to block and the first one would get close and stop very abruptly, a few times they got so close they were hard to make out as 2 separate objects.

The 3 new arrivals appeared to be the same size as the first. The only explanation I can think of is that they came from out of the atmosphere at unbelievable speeds from way higher up than the original UFO.

This seems a lame view of what happened, as we were watching the first one, the others just showed up blinking in and out of existence before solidifying for the rest of the encounter until they vanished for good. CLOAKING? When I say they just appeared I mean they (the 3 new comers) weren’t smaller looking than the 1st craft and on an intercept course until they got close enough to see them as being the same shape and size.

‘No’, these things just appeared from out of ‘nothing’. There was one, and then there were 4 with 3 flickering in and out of existence for a few seconds longer than the first before they stabilized and remained in sight.

These newest three craft just showed up like they were winking in and out existence or our visual spectrum for a few seconds (like flickering fast) and then they were all within our full view. Then the block and chase maneuver started from the three newcomers.

I look at the plane that took off and marveled at how the motions of the plane and the motions of the UFO’s were so very in contrast with each other. Then I realized how unique my sighting was. I actually have a visual reference of one of humanity’s flying machines in flight in the same area as four unknown flying objects that defy conventional motion and shattered what I took to be reality of the limits of motion and metal. I saw these objects. I saw how they were moving and seeing ‘is’ believing.

‘I now know, ‘that’ kind of motion is possible, for I saw it and believe it to be as true as the flight of the contrasting plane. They were both there and they were both real and vastly different.

I know now first hand of the limitations to our own reality and the hardwired from birth ‘limits’ set in place within our own minds. Limits upon our beliefs and what we KNOW (were taught) to be true, on what we think is the entire scope of reality, machinery, physics and motion. Wake up ‘Please’. These limits themselves have limits and are not permanent. We can wake up our misguided views of the world. I have been shown a true taste of what’s possible. I know it’s possible because I saw it with my own eyes. In full focused contrast against an American aircraft in flight.

I liken the feeling to showing a cell phone to an old west cowboy in the early 1800’s and showing that it works and that its real and there in front of him and that this tech is possible. I feel like that cowboy.

Here are my comments on the aircraft: An aircraft took off around 4:15 give or take. When sight was lost on the original and only remaining UFO I went inside to check the time and it was 4:25GMT. The UFO on last location was almost straight over the house behind me now as I am facing between Cheyanne Mt. and Pikes Peak Mt. in Colorado Springs Colorado. The US Aircraft was heading south easterly where the flight paths would cross the original encounter location albeit at a far lower altitude.

The plane was in no danger of collision as the UFO’s altitude was far greater and they(the UFO’s) were in and out of the clouds during their chase. Not in and out really just behind and peeking out from around as the cloud passed by. Visibility was excellent with very light cloud groups, very small very high up.

As the Plane got further and further away the UFO objects still looked far away and above the plane’s flight path.

The UFO objects appeared to be staying the same size as the aircraft receded from sight and it gave me a weird kind of dual reference point from my perspective of looking at both types of craft within the same field of vision, almost straight up from my front steps facing a southeasterly direction.

Then I went to get the binoculars out of the van and it was really hard to find the targets. As I was looking for them in the binoculars, the three pursuit craft just winked out first one then the other two at about the same time.

The original UFO that used to be a cigar shape, when I looked at it through the binoculars, I could see a definite bell shape, that for a few seconds I thought it had flickering on and off lights. It wasn’t really flickering lights on and off, It appeared to be rotating/spinning very fast with these quick flashes of pinky white glinting at the bottom corner of the craft that was facing the setting sun.

The rotation was defined by a massive black form that interrupted the whiteness as it rotated. I just saw black splotch interrupting the whiteness with a much faster sunset color flickering or maybe flashing as if the sunlight was reflecting off of several objects upon the crafts side. It was a little hard to comprehend, but there were three flashes of sunset color in the bottom side that was facing the sun, per one black flash that never blacked out the overall whiteness of the object. This gave the definite appearance or rotational motion. Then with the craft in view through my binoculars, it vanished. Now try to comprehend what I am saying here. I mean, it disappeared between flickers. From one flicker to the next it just wasn’t there anymore. This was the last I saw of the UFO’s.