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Occurred : 7/12/2013 22:00 (Entered as : 7/12/13 22:00)
Reported: 11/25/2015 6:25:33 PM 18:25
Posted: 11/26/2015
Location: Hamilton, OH
Shape: Changing
Duration:3 minutes
Gigantic geometric orbs change shape over city.

On the evening of July 12, 2013, myself and 3 other witnesses saw a huge configuration of geometric orbs , golden in color change shape over downtown Hamilton! We were sitting on the raised patio , outside a local bar by the Columbia bridge , just west of the Great Miami River, and suddenly , about a half mile away, over downtown Hamilton a configuration of Golden orbs appeared, some 1,000 feet above the Historic Monument at Front Street .

First it appeared as a Chevron , then within a minute it changed to a triangle then a square. It seemed to be silent , as we heard no roar or sounds .

Then the object moved to the north slowly and picked up speed and disappeared within a few seconds , toward Middletown, Ohio .

The witnesses were 2 professional businessmen and their girlfriends who know the difference between stars , planets and swamp gas .