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Occurred : 11/26/2015 20:00 (Entered as : 11/26/15 20:00)
Reported: 11/29/2015 8:25:27 AM 08:25
Posted: 12/3/2015
Location: Cranford, NJ
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1 minute
Thanksgiving UFO over Cranford, NJ

At 8:00PM, Thanksgiving evening, I was sitting on my second story deck in Cranford, NJ, stargazing, when I observed a strange, orange light in the sky off to my right. I watched the light for a few seconds to see if it had other lights on it and if it was possibly a plane (as I am in the flight path for Newark Airport), but it did not and was not…

I grabbed my binoculars, and through them observed a bright orange sphere, flying due east, at the same altitude that small aircraft fly to get to Newark Airport (North West of my location), but it wasn't going toward the airport. The orb did not pulse or strobe, and it seemed to be a brighter white light in the center, with the warm orange light surrounding it. I could not make out a definitive outline for the object, and there were no discernable features from my perspective. I watched it in my binoculars as it flew impossibly slowly and level for about 45 seconds or so, and when it reached a point in the sky whe! n it was exactly in front of me I said to it, 'Where the hell are you going?", and at that moment it flickered brightly and just disappeared! There were no clouds for it to disappear behind, and the moon was large, bright, and full to my left. The reason this object initially caught my eye was because it was the same orange color of another UFO that I saw flying over my yard on July 4th of 2015 (which I will also file a report on, and should have back when I saw it!), although that one was a pulsing rectangle which was flying due South...This is the 3rd UFO that I have seen in my lifetime, and the 2nd one I have seen in the last 4 months! I would be interested to know if anyone else in my area observed this orb. I would also be willing to speak to an investigator about my sightings. Thank You…