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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/7/1994 22:30 (Entered as : 08/07/94 22:30)
Reported: 12/9/2015 7:34:11 AM 07:34
Posted: 12/10/2015
Location: Ypsilanti, MI
Shape: Other
Duration:45 minutes
3 bell shaped objects seen flying in perfect V formation over Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan

I’m a taxicab driver here in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

This incident took place on the evening of Sunday, August 7, 1994, at 2230 local.

It was a hot, humid evening, with the temperature in the 80s. The skies were clear.

About 2220, I received a call to pick up a passenger at St. Joseph hospital, in Ypsilanti.

I proceeded to cross street, which then became Washtenaw Ave.

While heading towards the hospital, I saw, off in the distance, three lights, flying in a V formation. One was in front, and two following behind on either side, the same distance apart. They maintained a perfect triangular formation.

I lost sight of them for a few minutes, due to heavy tree cover.

At first, I thought they might be hot air balloons. But being it was after dark, I know they usually land before dark, and take of at first light.

When I got near Hewitt ave., I broke in the clear, and I could see they that they had moved much closer.

In fact, I pulled off on to a side street, and got out of my cab, to watch them more closely.

Each object had a very bright white light, and an alternating red and white light on the rear.

They weren’t moving very fast, probably less than 50 knots, and were fairly low.

Taller than tree top, but not much more.

They moved from the WNW, passed almost directly over me, and continued off to the ESE.

There was another car that parked behind me.

The intensity of the lights was so bright, that you could see the reflections of the light off the roadway.

I also noticed that these objects made no sound at all. As closely as they passed, I should’ve heard some sounds.

When they were directly overhead, and the light cancelled out, I could see the objects quite clearly for about a minute.

They were amber in color. And they were shaped like a bell. They were darker in the center, and lighter yellow on the points.

I continued to watch them as they continued to the ESE, for almost 45 minutes.

Just as I was losing sight of them, they appeared to make a shallow bank to the right.

I could see they were heading in the direction of downtown Ypsilanti, so when I got back into my car, I called my dispatcher, who was a friend, and without telling him why, I asked him to step out of the office, turn to the north, and look up.

After a few minutes, he returned to the radio, and I asked him if he had seen anything unusual, and he told me, yes. He did.

Well, that made me feel a whole lot better. At least I wasn’t seeing things.

After that, I went to the hospital, to pick up my passenger.

After picking him up, I asked him to wait a minute.

I then went into the hospital, and went to the nearest payphone. I didn’t have a cellphone then.

I then called 911. And first told them that I was an official SKYWARN weather spotter, and that we work with Washtenaw County Emergency Services department. I then told them what I had seen, and which way they were heading.

At first, I thought they might be skeptical.

But they took my report, like I was reporting an accident, and then I asked them if they had gotten many reports concerning our visitors.

They then told me, that they couldn’t say.

Very suspicious.

Before I left, I made a call to a local TV station, and left my story with them.

I got the opinion they really weren’t interested.

I then called one of our local 24 hour news stations, and left my story with them.

They too were very polite, but all they said were they were going to check Detroit metro tower, and maybe Selfringe, AFB, and ask them if they had seen anything unusual on their radar screens.

So, there being nothing else to do, I went back to my passenger, and took him home.

Next evening, at about the same time, I got a call to pick up the same passenger again.

This time, after picking him up, I went inside, to ask several of the security guards if they had seen anything unusual the past evening.

They told me that they were off the previous evening, so they weren’t there.

However, while I was talking to the security guards, two local ambulance attendants pulled me aside, and told me that they had seen the objects.

Well, again, that made me feel better.

At least I wasn’t seeing things.

While I was talking to them, I saw a state police officer talking on the phone.

I made it to point to wait until he finished and I then I asked him if they had received many calls concerning our visitors.

He told me yes.

That they had received numerous, and numerous was the word he used, calls on these objects.

A week or two later, I talked with the commander of the local state police post.

He told me that they were, in fact, following those objects.

I then asked him what several folks had asked me.

What would you do if they had landed? He never did answer me, but just gave me a grin.


I would’ve probably seen how fast I could drive my car in reverse.

A day or two later, there was nothing in the local media. Radio. TV. Or newspapers.


One of my co-workers had shown me the front pages from the flint journal, and grand rapids gazette.

The ufo sightings were full front page news in both those papers.

I wish I had saved those papers.

I’ve since tried to get copies of those papers, and it’s been hard to come by.

However, those papers said that on the day I had my encounter with those objects, there were sightings all over the Midwest, both on the day and a couple of days on either side.

They were seen all over Michigan, ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. In Michigan, they were seen in Ann Arbor, cadilliac, traverse city.

Ive talked to other people here in ann arbor, and they had also seen those objects.

But they kept a very low profile.

And told very few people.