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Occurred : 11/24/2015 21:20 (Entered as : 11/24/15 21:20)
Reported: 12/13/2015 1:30:31 PM 13:30
Posted: 12/17/2015
Location: Polson (north of), MT
Shape: Light
Duration:light streak

In the evening of 11/24/15, I was unloading my pickup at apprx.9:20 pm, when I saw a bright large full emerald green light streak downward extremely fast to the right just to the right of an almost full moon which was extremely brilliant and huge. I do not believe it was a meteor, because it as so wide in the front but have never seen that before in my 75 year old life. I am a real estate broker of 37 years, {still working} and often go to my cabin which faces Flathead Lake and is located in the Mission Mtns just North of Polson, Mt. I would also like to speak to someone directly about a grouping of unusual orbs which I photographed with a big Canon camera {would be happy to send you the photos} when an unusual incident happened while I was picking berries last summer, We all in the neighborhood, feel for some reason that our area is extremely magnetic.

Last year I had lightning strike three giant fir trees all at once just about 30 ft from the end o! f my cabin in October...highly weird, all I heard was thunder for a moment and then almost like an explosion. When Istepped outside, there was wood for over 200 feet clear aross and to the end of my lawn. Bizarre, blew up my computer in the house even though it was off and had a surge protector, which also blew up.