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Occurred : 12/17/2015 08:35 (Entered as : 12/17/15 8:35)
Reported: 12/25/2015 1:21:12 AM 01:21
Posted: 1/5/2016
Location: Lee, MA
Shape: Formation
Duration:5 seconds
A series of 20 black rectangular objects flying overhead as I drove on the Mass Turnpike

It was around 8:30pm at night, and had just stopped raining as I got on the Mass Pike headed east off exit 2 in Lee when I looked up at a small cloud of mist in the sky that got my attention. It was a bit unusual but it was somewhat foggy and I attributed it to the weather, and as my eyes were still glancing up I suddenly saw a series of 20 or so pitch black rectangular connected objects roughly 50ft across that could be seen standing out against a night sky which was lighter, as it wasn't a very dark night. They seemed to form a straight line, train-like, flying directly above me about 75 feet up and seemed to be falling down in altitude toward me as well.

It was hard to say if they were moving past me or if they were stationary and hovering or, as drove underneath, give the illusion of it being in motion going straight past me. I instinctively hit my brakes to try to slow down to get a better look but quickly I had already past it.

I remember feeling a sense of relief when I was out from under it as it seemed hazardous to have something so unknown, inexplicable, and large directly above me. Being on the highway I couldn't turn around to try to get a second look unfortunately.

I was only able to see it for about 5 seconds and I spent the rest of my 2hr trip to Boston trying to process what I had seen and I still can find no explanation for it. There was no illumination coming from it but there was some reflection off of it from ambient light in the area.