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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/30/1983
Reported: 1/19/2016 7:48:24 PM 19:48
Posted: 1/20/2016
Location: Nakuru (Kenya),
Shape: Diamond
First, some background information; I am a 42 year old kenyan, with only a high school education and currently a devout christian. Etched in my mind for the past 30 years is a dreamlike experience i went through when i was about 10 years old, which no one believed and which brought riddicule upon me from my brothers when i attemped to tell them the story. I promptly shut up,and desperately struggled to push it off my mind for the next 35 years, when eventually i talked about it to a friend , whos complete trust i knew i had gained and thus had no fear of being riddiculed again.

Still on background information, i have to state here that back in those days ,as a small boy in the small town of Nakuru, i definitely did not have any knowledge of these matters and only came to make sense of the experience in 2009, soon after my first exposure to the internet, where i inadvertently stumbled upon a story similar to mine. I was stunned beyond words, and after a slow process of regaining my balance i shared with my trusted friend who had nothing more to say after asking a few questions which i duly answered.

I remember two events which hitherto seemed unrelated until after i learned about abductions. The first one ; I (aged about 10) am outside our home when for some reason i turn sideways only for my eyes to lock onto a landing craft some 50 meters away from where i was. It was  reddish in colour, somewhat spherical in shape but with edges like a diamond, with clearly visible landing gear below. After it landed something happened that made me very scared and which i successfully pushed out of my mind over the years.

With indescribable fear in me i turned and ran away towards where i knew my siblings were, (there are 6 of us ,i being the fourth child) where i had to go through a cornfield . I know i never got to where i was going and in all those years, even soon after the incident my memory used to register great confusion every time i tried to recollect what happened next. End of the first event.  In the second event, which never seemed related to the one detailed above, i am wide awake in bed but completely covered with a blanket . There is a ringing noise , a continous sharp sound seemingly coming from directly above me. It goes on for what seemed like many minutes then stops, and suddenly something cold passes through my body at the chest painlessly making me feel like i have been cut into two. Then the bed flipped over taking me through a complete 360 degree turn, like what we used to call a 'back somersault'. Then complete silence.  In great fear i slowly moved my hand to the blankets edge, turned my head sideways towards it (i was sleeping on my back facing upwards) and lifted up the blanket  for a peep outside. I remember what i saw vividly, and never was able to blot these images from my mind though i know i really tried. I saw non human creatures.  Pale green/ grey colour. Small stature, like skinny boys.  The room was circular and not lit brightly. One of the creatures really helped to etch the experience in my mind, such that i never could convince my young mind that i never saw it. It was the smallest of them all at about my size (remember i was about 10 years) . As i was fearfully looking at the scene it/he saw me peeping and came fast towards me which made me drop the blanket . Nothing happened and i lay there quiet for some time untill i mustured enough courage to peep again. He/ it came after me again and i covered myself up. this happened three times and eventually i stopped peeping and lay ! there terrified untill i fell asleep.

End of recollection. Now , since then i have fought a long battle with these images, pushing them as far back into my mind as posible and trying to tell myself that, like my big brother told me in riddicule, it was a dream. I was never able to forget it. Today , i am willing and ready to share my story with the world. I expect few people to believe me, some even to think that am looking for some monetary reward or fame, which is not really what motivates me to come out. All i would like them to know is that there strange things going on in our planet, and humanity would do well by listenining objectively to what witnesses to these things are saying. There is a sinister plot unfolding here, which all men should be wary of.

((NUFORC Note: We attempted to correspond with the source of the report, but the e-address provided is defective. PD))