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Occurred : 1/29/2016 11:20 (Entered as : 1-29-2016 11:20)
Reported: 1/29/2016 4:49:59 PM 16:49
Posted: 2/4/2016
Location: Indio, CA
Shape: Diamond
Duration:20 seconds
Unknown black, diamond-shaped craft, slightly smaller than an F-16.

11:20 this morning, I was sitting at my desk at work, when I heard what sounded like the cracking of a whip followed by a low level hum or vroom sound.

I got up from my desk and went out the front door of the shop. When I looked up (north – northwest direction), I saw a Black Diamond shaped craft with what looked like 2 triangle- shaped fins off of the back end of it.

As soon as I saw it, 2 F-16's flew over head in pursuit. They were at roughly 5500 feet. I'm guessing on the altitude here…

The Black Diamond shape craft made a sharp turn to the right over the mountains and headed east. The 2 F-16's made their (much slower) banking turn to follow. I'm not sure what type of engine was in the Black Diamond shaped craft, but it took off straight east faster than anything that I've ever seen.

The 2 F-16's light up their engines and gave pursuit. But not anywhere near as fast as the Black Diamond shaped craft.

This all lasted maybe 20 seconds before they were out of sight, heading east towards Blythe.