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Occurred : 10/29/2008 19:00 (Entered as : 10/29/2008 19:00)
Reported: 2/5/2016 2:05:11 AM 02:05
Posted: 2/11/2016
Location: Las Vegas (north of; on Hwy. 95), NV
Shape: Triangle
Duration:~3 hours
Triangle shaped craft over Nevada Highway plus other red light craft

First of all, we have never officially reported this sighting to anyone before. We just told friends and family who all looked at us with scepticism. After watching a UFO special where the reports on objects seen were very similar I decided to write a report.

We are Australians. (My husband and I and a close friend.) We were traveling by RV from Oregon to Las Vegas in October 2008. On the day in question, we were driving from Mono Lake to Vegas and cut across to Highway 95. On the way to 95 we blew a tyre which had to be changed. This delayed us so by the time we got to highway 95 it was getting dark. We stopped for gas then continued south.

The map showed a large military base to the east of the highway. I joked with the others saying 'wouldn't it be fun if we saw a UFO around here?'. In all our USA travels over 20 years, we'd never seen a UFO before. We laughed about it and kept going south. It had become completely dark and I estimate it was around 7 or 8pm.

My husband was driving the A class RV (bus style front with huge windscreen). We were going fairly slow enjoying the drive - normal amount of traffic. I was in navigator seat and our friend was behind on the couch. My husband who is quite observant, was looking out the window and at the stars as we drove. It was a clear night and stars were clearly visible.

A few minutes later he slowed right down. He was looking up through the windscreen and said 'the stars have all disappeared. Do you see that above us?'. I looked up and our friend looked out the side window. We all saw that the stars were no longer visible. We pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. By this time we could see that there was a large black object over the top of the RV that was blocking the stars. We were all saying, 'What is that?' to each other.

As soon as we stopped, our friend opened the door and we all got out of the RV. We then looked up and got a better idea what was above us. It was a large, gun metal black triangular craft. It was moving very slowly, almost hovering over us. It was huge - we estimated about the size of a football field. We could only make out how big it was by the far corners as they had small blinking lights. The lights are what made my husband think the craft was man made rather then extra-terrestrial.

Also there was absolutely no noise coming from the craft. No engine noise at all. Our friend went around to the back of our RV and climbed the ladder to stand on top of the RV to get a closer look. It was really low - perhaps only 30 feet up. It was over us for a few minutes then it kept drifting slowly east and gradually got faster. Then, it got instant speed (like something you'd see on Star Trek's warp drive) and instantly flew out and over the horizon. In the distance were some hills (where the military base was marked on the map). Once the craft disappeared we could see flashes of light coming from behind the hills kind of like lightning or weapon explosions. These continued for a while.

As we were discussing what we'd seen, three other objects started flying around. Marked by three red lights, the three objects flew in formation together. They moved in angular motion - angles, up and down, round, back and forward and zig zag. They didn't fly like any normal craft you would recognise. Again, they didn't seem to make any sound but they were further away than the first ship had been. Really all we could see of them were three bright red lights - each light a separate object. We watched them for about half an hour amazed at what we were seeing. Eventually they seemed to leave the area. As time was moving on we got back into the RV and took off slowly down the road still watching the sky.

A short while later the three craft / red lights reappeared. We stopped again, got out and watched them. They did the same kind of manouvers as the first time. All in all, they disappeared and came back again about 4 times in total. This all took place over the space of about 2.5 hours and over a distance of less than ten miles (that we travelled). Then, the last time we saw the three lights/synchronized craft) they seemed to drop regular red coloured flares which went to the ground. They then left the area. A few minutes later two regular military jet aircraft flew over the area and into the distance over the hills. Then nothing further happened.

Amazed we eventually got going again and drove the rest of the way to Vegas, getting in around 11pm. We sat up most of the night discussing and dissecting everything we'd seen just to make sure none of us were crazy! We ended up assuming they were some kind of craft owned by the military but they were certainly nothing like anything we'd ever seen. My husband worked in the Australian defense department in Canberra for years and had seen classified aircraft over the years but nothing like this. Our friend who was with us is a computer/electric vehicle expert but still had never seen anything like these craft or the way they operated.

I was surprised that nobody else stopped on the highway or seemed to see them. I guess most people are busy and in their little world unlike us who were moving slow and observant whilst on our holiday. So I hope you find this report of interest. I've tried to explain it all as logically as I could.

P.S.--We had no video camera with us. Our friend tried to take photos of the black craft but being black on a black sky in the dark, none came out so we have no photographic evidence. Even though this happened a few years ago now, it's very fresh in all our minds. It was an incredible experience.