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Occurred : 2/5/2016 21:43 (Entered as : 2/5/2016 21:43)
Reported: 2/7/2016 3:33:03 AM 03:33
Posted: 2/11/2016
Location: Melbourne (Australia),
Shape: Light
Duration:5-7 minutes

I just got home and was looking at the stars, like always there was a face made by the stars, and I looked at it for a while. That was when I noticed that one of the stars started to move quicker than the others.

Then I noticed that it was a UFO, it moved what I think was further away but was going right, this direction would be north. I watch as it moved, it then came under a star and than gone what I think was S or SE in the speed of light.

I also saw another one the next day again when I got home but this time at 22:30 on the next day 6/2/2016(DD/MM/YY). This one went the opposite of the first one.

It flew straight but when I got close to vanishing point it started to do small zigzags that made it have a blur at the back. Then that was it.