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Occurred : 2/4/2016 18:46 (Entered as : 2/4/16 18:46)
Reported: 2/9/2016 1:29:20 PM 13:29
Posted: 2/11/2016
Location: Roseburg, OR
Shape: Circle
Duration:10 seconds
Very large, bright white light seen over hill.

I went out on our deck at around 6:48pm. As soon as I stepped out, I saw a super bright, white, very large light above a hill to the north west. My first thought was, wait, there's not supposed to be a light there. It was as large as if we holding a 50 cent piece at arm's length. This was looking in a north/northeast direction and we're located in the Garden Valley area of Roseburg, outside of town.

I watched it go in a horizontal direction over the top of the mountain and then it was just gone. I stood there for a few minutes and nothing else happened. I look out on those hills every night and there's never been a light there. There are no roads up to the hill where I saw it. When it moved horizontally, it would have moved away from the top of the hill. So if it was some sort of land based vehicle it would have had to have moved diagonally down following the hilltop. Also, when it disappeared, it wasn't because it went behind another hilltop, it just vanish! ed. There are no houses or anything else on this particular hill.