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Occurred : 2/4/2016 19:30 (Entered as : 202/04/16 19:30)
Reported: 2/17/2016 12:30:06 AM 00:30
Posted: 2/19/2016
Location: Tucson, AZ
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20 minutes
Eight large, slow moving, noiseless orange-red spheres traveling over Tucson evening sky.

About 7:30 pm, I was taking groceries from my car into my home, when I looked south into the sky and saw two large (as compared to commercial jet or helicopter) red-orange colored spheres. They were moving across the sky, west to east, but very slowly. I could see no lights, typical to any aircraft flying at night, and I strained to hear any kind of aircraft noise and could not. I watched them travel east and then sort of disappear or fizzle out.

I continued with my groceries and then noticed two more of the same. A few minutes later, two more and then two more came more quickly. All had the same characteristics and moved slowly, almost as if floating across the sky.

Just before the final four spheres crossed, another small aircraft came into the space from a more northwest direction. However, the path of this plane took it right next to these spheres, so it had to have seen them as it passed two of them.

The final four spheres also traveled slowly to the east before fizzling out. I thought maybe our Air Force base was doing some new kind of craft experiment or they were weather balloons. The only different thing was that at the end, I believe I could see tiny lights around the spheres, very tiny, almost like diamonds or little stars, but they were moving, too.

I emailed neighbors to see if anyone else saw what I did and one couple replied that they did.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))