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Occurred : 2/18/2016 18:10 (Entered as : 02/18/16 18:10)
Reported: 2/20/2016 8:49:43 PM 20:49
Posted: 2/26/2016
Location: Salem, NH
Shape: Light
Duration:4 minutes
Bright ball of light over Salem, NH; 2 witnesses.

I was walking up my driveway whilst taking up the trash barrels with my friend and we witnessed an extremely bright ball of light suddenly flying southwest over my home in Salem. We both stopped dead in our tracks and I scrambled for my cellphone to take video.

Typically if I see a plane or a satellite, I don't bother even looking for more than a moment as they are very common in my area. However once what i thought to be a satellite at first slowed down then stopped I had to take a closer look. Just as i began recording the video the object starting moving as if it never stopped.

There were several small aircraft in the night sky and they're were on their normal flight paths. It was clear and there were many stars. Just as the main object started to fade in the distance the object which was just a brilliant white ball of light disappeared over methuen ma just a few miles in the distance but not before a smaller and less luminous object appeared directly above me and my friend.

This object flew quickly over head and was heading south of Salem. I've seen simular objects before mostly satellites, however these objects were not characteristic of a satellite or high altitude aircraft. I've been an observer for 18 years and wouldn't report anything that i felt was typical.

After the second object appeared it faded off into the distance. I checked this site to see if anyone else had any sightings in New Hampshire and they did. Not exactly the same as what i saw but ufos have a funny way of changing their appearance. So their sighting may or may not be related to mine. Here is a link to the video taken that evening. I hope it helps:

((NUFORC Note: We have looked at the video, and it shows a white speck of light, moving around the Moon, in the night sky. We are not convinced that it is an authentic UFO. PD))