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Occurred : 2/29/2016 20:29 (Entered as : 02/29/16 20:29)
Reported: 2/29/2016 5:59:51 PM 17:59
Posted: 3/4/2016
Location: Warner Robins, GA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:2 minutes
There were several (8 or 9) glowing orange balls of light moving north north-east. The prevailing winds were generally in the same direction (northeast at 7 mph. visibility 10 miles, clear 65 degrees Fahrenheit, 53 degree dewpoint as reported by METAR Data obtained from KWRB within 10 minutes of the sighting). They were not evenly spaced. The first five were relatively close together. The next 3 or 4 were scattered but trailing the same path as the first group.

The orbs were glowing orange and completely silent from my vantage point. They were approximately 2,000 to 3,000 ft ASL and moving as fast as the aircraft typically fly here. I’m guessing around 250–300 mph. They were approximately ¼ of a mile from where I was standing. Not likely terrestrial aircraft as they did not have landing lights or red/green aviation lights. I have been in aviation for 15 years as a mechanic and SME for 4 years.

I would likely know if it were an aircraft and I have never seen anything like these.