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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/6/2016 20:19 (Entered as : 03/06/16 20:19)
Reported: 3/7/2016 6:01:27 PM 18:01
Posted: 3/11/2016
Location: Hurdle Mills, NC
Shape: Diamond
Duration:4 minutes
Diamond-shaped object passed over Guess Road in Hurdle Mills, NC.

At about 20:15 I left Hurdle Mills, NC, and headed south down Guess Road. Every time the tree cover broke to the west, I saw several extremely bright lights hovering in the distance to the southwest.

I kept looking at them as I was driving and at some point I realized they were much brighter than anything I have ever seen before. All of a sudden, the lights quickly moved toward me going northeast.

As the lights got closer, I thought they were on a triangular object with a light on each corner. I thought the object was a stealth bomber.

I pulled over to the side of the road, took a picture of it with my cell phone, and called my mother. As it got closer to me, I realized that the triangular shape was only the front half of the vehicle and it was actually diamond shaped.

As it flew faster toward me, I rolled down my car window, stuck my head out the window, and looked at it as it passed over me. It was huge and flying at a very low height – around the ! height a crop-duster might fly. Each side seemed to be 75’ – 100’. I was awestruck at how something that big could stay in the air and then I realized it was silent and I freaked out a bit.

I remember thinking that I needed to note the location and I remember passing by Holeman-Ashley Road, but I don’t remember if that was right before or after I saw the object.

After the object passed over me it quickly was out-of-sight. I drove to the first safe place to pull over, a gas station at the intersection of Routes 157 and 57, and looked for a pen or pencil to use to record everything I witnessed. I didn’t gave a pen in my glove box or front seat, so I got out of my car to see if I had one in my purse on the back seat. As soon as I exited the car, I noticed that many dogs were barking hard. It was eerie.

After recording everything, I got back into my car and started driving to my original destination. Someone drove up behind me, started tailgating me, and followed me to my destination about 25 miles away. I was upset about it but then I remembered looking in my rear view mirror when I had pulled over to watch the object, and I had seen a blue car pull over about 200 feet behind me. The car that was following me was also blue and I think that person might be a witness, too. In retrospect, I think that person might have been following me to see if I saw what he or she saw. If someone contacts me about this incident, I have the make, model and license plate number of the blue car, but I never spoke to the person, in case the person was a nut.

One other thing to note…before I left my house and saw the object, I let my dogs outside in my yard for about 15 minutes. When I went outside to get them and bring them inside, all three were hiding under my porch. One of my dogs frequently does this, but not all three dogs. Again, in retrospect, I wonder if they sensed something was different.