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Occurred : 3/14/2016 20:55 (Entered as : 03/14/16 20:55)
Reported: 3/14/2016 7:08:15 PM 19:08
Posted: 3/18/2016
Location: Brooksville, FL
Shape: Other
Duration:5 minutes
Slow moving circular segment with bright lights traveling low in the sky.

Was traveling south on Culbreath Rd. as I turned West onto Ayers Rd. the volume on the radio in my car stopped working. It was showing the song still playing, just no volume. Ahead of me traveling low in the sky, not too far above tree level, following Ayers Rd. going east were very bright lights. My first thought was aircraft landing on the road. As it traveled closer I rolled down the window and could hear no sound from the craft. As it went over my car I could see the shape of it against the lighter night sky. It was in the shape of a circular segment with around 5 very bright white lights on the concave part of the circular segment. The object was moving very slow as it passed over and then turned and headed north. There were no other color to the lights (as in red or green, as you would see on a plane) just extremely bright white beams of light pointed in front. It appeared to be black in color and the underneath had no lights, but was close enough to see that the bottom appeared to be made or smaller segments.

As I arrived home, about a mile down the road I could still hear no sound as from an aircraft, just a quiet night. I turned my car off and back on and the volume in my car started working again. After being home for a time a very large plane (and I could hear the very loud engine) flew over headed in the same direction as the object.

I am a very rational person and I am having a hard time processing what I saw. I grew up in a large city near an airport and have seen planes of all sizes in the sky. This is unlike anything I have ever seen in my life.