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Occurred : 3/15/2016 21:45 (Entered as : 15 Mar 16 21:45)
Reported: 3/16/2016 5:35:56 AM 05:35
Posted: 3/18/2016
Location: Adelaide (Australia),
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5-8 seconds
Triangular Aircraft Sighting

North Haven, South Australia.

At 2145 I was sitting in my backyard outdoor spa looking at the stars, when I observed what initially looked like a formation of three triangular aircraft in a pyramid shape fly directly overhead. I had a limited field of view due to the design of my house but the aircraft took five to eight seconds to transit across it and out of sight.

My initial impression of the formation was that it was three Super Hornets travelling to local Airforce Base, but it was immediately apparent that they were the wrong shape and were travelling way too fast for aircraft at altitude.

I then presumed that they were three large birds flying in a chevron formation, but the leading and trailing edges of the triangles were straight lines with smooth edges. No flapping or noise was observed.

My final impression was that I was looking at three equally sized equilateral dark coloured (or black) triangles flying in a pyramid formation with their tips almost touching, or that it was one larger dark coloured triangle with a triangular center section cut from it. I could clearly see the night sky through the triangular hole in the middle of the aircraft/formation. No lights were visible on the aircraft and there was no reflections or glare from any of the surfaces.

The aircraft travelled directly over me so I only saw it from underneath and I could not tell if it was medium sized and low to the ground, or very large and high. My gut feeling was that it was 150 –300ft from the ground but I can’t really base that on anything more than how it appeared to me. The craft/formation was probably twice the size of a full moon.

The aircraft tracked from South to North. I tried to get out of the spa and continue to observe it but I broke contact and failed to regain it. I suggest it may have been blocked from view by my neighbour’s house which is why I presume it was flying lower to the ground rather than at altitude.

There was absolutely no noise associated with the aircraft which was probably the thing that most struck me as strange. It literally glided past in silence in a dead straight line, directly above me.

I called the Port Adelaide Police Station approximately 1 hour after the event and asked if any strange aircraft or flying triangles had been seen or reported during the evening. Nothing had been reported.

Ambient Conditions: Wind: 0-3kts Temperature: 21c Cloud: 0/8 (clear sky to the horizon) Moon: Waning Crescent (half-moon) Ambient Noise: Low. No traffic or neighbourhood noise present.

Visibility: Excellent. Minimal star twinkle and moonlight almost good enough to read by.