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Occurred : 10/10/2015 22:55 (Entered as : 10/10/15 22:55)
Reported: 3/17/2016 9:55:22 PM 21:55
Posted: 3/18/2016
Location: Kettering, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:4 minutes
I saw a 4 foot triangular craft with a 1-foot diameter bright white light in the center.. The light flashed on and off seven times.

I was outside at 3:30 pm and the sky did not look promising for that evening. So I decided not to go out to the Observatory located in John Bryan State Park. However, I was coming from Church at 6:30 pm and now the sky looked promising for observing. I went outside at 8:30 pm and the sky was beautiful for observing. I finished dinner and set up my observing chairs in my driveway. It was now 9 pm. Something very strange happened at 10 pm. Something whizzed about 6 feet over my head as I was looking up into the constellation Pegasus. I jumped up out of my chair and said "what the hell was that." I did not get a good look at it. I ran inside the house to get the time. It was exactly 10:00 pm.

I came back outside and sat down to continue to observe. After a while as I was looking up at the right hand side of the great square in Pegasus, I saw a very bright flash of pure white light on my right hand side and somewhat over my right shoulder. I turned my chair to my right and bang I saw another bright flash of pure white light. The white light came from a source about one foot in diameter and it seemed not very high, perhaps 500 feet above the ground.

The light stayed lit for a period as long as it takes to say "Turn on and Turn off." I counted the flashes. There were seven total and spaced about 30 seconds apart. After each flash the light moved a short distance. However, after a total of seven flashes the light seemed to have moved in a deformed circle. When the light flashed on a fourth time it illuminated the underside of a craft. The craft was in the form of a triangle and the white light was in the center of the triangle. Each apex of the triangle wa! s rounded. Each side of the triangle was about 4 feet long. The color of the craft was a very light brown tan with a tint of yellow. The flashes stopped. I watched for another couple of minutes. I ran inside the house. It was now 10:55 pm as shown on the digital cable clock. I came back outside and continued observing until about 12:30 am. I did not see any more flashes or craft.

I am a retired PHD physicist who worked first as an officer then as a civilian at WPAFB. I am an amateur astronomer and a member of an astronomical society.