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Occurred : 3/28/2016 21:00 (Entered as : 03/28/16 21:00)
Reported: 3/31/2016 3:51:19 PM 15:51
Posted: 4/1/2016
Location: Rochester, IL
Shape: Fireball
Duration:~2 hours
Started with 1 light on east horizon, followed it, grew to countless lights over 2 hours, along with close encounter ground sighting.

It started with one light, redish/orangish/white hovering over the horizon while me and my friend were parked on my road, facing east. I live on the east outskirts of Rochester. It was staying in the same area but floating, dipping, and swooping around. You could tell it was far away. I pointed it out to ((friend's name deleted)) and she saw it too, and it proceeded to swoop around and dip up and down erratically. We both saw it moving.

I was really excited and made her drive closer to where it was. We drove closer, heading east until we weren't really in Rochester any longer, more Buckhart area. I lost view of the light on the way. When our view became clear again, we parked facing the side of the sky we saw it in, the south east whole sector of the sky. I couldn't find it and then I noticed it in a different part of the sky, much higher. We watched this light dance around for awhile. It moved in ways impossible to any technology we have. ((friend's name deleted)) saw it too. We were watching the one light fly erratically.

Both of us keep thinking we glimpse other similar lights moving but aren't sure. The one light is flying over the horizon at a steady speed in one direction, then it slowly fades away and seems to dissappear. Another (or the same) light pops up much higher in a totally different direction in the sky. Then we both saw the second one. Same color of light, same behavior. I was ecstatic. At this point it was clear that these could not be planes or helicopters. And then they kept appearing--they just kept popping up. These different lights, all the same color, all differing moment to moment in brightness and dimness, sometimes becoming so dim as to be invisible.

They all flew the same style--drunk alien, but never in sync; they would swoop, reverse directions in an instant, dip up and down. There were no formations to be seen or apparent organization. Sometimes the speed of their movement was shocking, given how far away they were they had to be covering huge distances in an instant. Some would move in a general direction, but erratically. At one point I could have sworn a fighter jet was pursuing one of them, but I couldn't be sure and ((friend's name deleted)) didn't notice it. I tried to keep count and I got to 8 before I couldn't count them due to the number and the extreme dimness of some of them. I kept trying to explain it to ((friend's name deleted)), but I don't think she will ever understand how much of a big deal this kind of shit is to me.

The sky was alive with dancing spaceships.

We were there for maybe two hours. I could not stop watching, it was like being in a trance. So I was watching the dance of the spaceships when I noticed a light in the sky coming from behind us (high, moving from NW to SE toward the spaceships. It was different-- bigger, and blinking one light and one color in steady pulses, and moving at a steady speed and direction. I assumed it's a plane but I watched it because something seemed odd about it. It's not like a light ON it is blinking, it's like the entire vessel is blinking. And the color is like an old yellow light, like the color cast by old light bulbs. I notice in between the blinks it appears to glow a very dull red. It changes directions and comes in towards the ships. I watch a spaceship closest to the incoming big yellow light and the strangest thing happens, the spaceship seems to become aware of the new interloper, and it swept towards it and back in a few motions, and then IT STARTED BLINKING BACK AT THE SHIP. And both blinked differently, like they were shaking hands or trading information of some kind, with different rythyms and frequency and color. This was the first time we saw any of the fireballs blink. They blinked a bright white. Then the big yellow ship came in closer to the other ships and slowed down to a stop were it hovered and bobbed. As it did this, two more spaceships swooped in close to it and began their own unique blinking response. So clearly it was another UFO, but different from the rest. After it delivered it's message or whatever it flew away (SE to NE and seemed to go higher than any plane ever could) where it seemed to become a still star.

At this point, I couldn't take it and I called my dad to make him come outside the house and try to see what I was seeing. This was also a really strange aspect. Once my dad came outside, the brightest of the spaceships all started blinking red and white, like airplanes. They also chose a general direction and stuck with! it, though their speed fluctuated. It was funny because they all blinked with no rhythm or steady pulse to them. Long story short, all he sees is airplanes of course. He goes back in and I get off the phone with him and the ships go back to normal and start moving more.

At several points, I made reference points by holding up my thumb or my phone still under the light in the sky, this was an easy way to see that they were moving relative to the motionless point. I can't explain what I saw, but we saw it and it was amazing. A two hour dance that started with one little light.

GROUND SIGHTING, AS WE LEAVE: [A NOTE: we did not see any ship approach the ground or come close to landing] Right before we leave a big solid white orb light maybe a hundred yards behind us floods us with light. I sa,y "What the fuck was that?" because it disappeared quickly and Kaitie said a car. But the light hadn't come from the road. It was directly behind us, close to a house on the other side of the road. Then we were getting ready to pull out, and it floated out from behind the house. My first impression was it was just someone with a light, but it was much too bright. And it floated. It glided. It came out from behind the house and started coming towards us. We're talking the brightest white light you've ever seen, on the other side of the road not 70 yards away. Then it's gone. Two seconds of darkness ... and then it comes back on-- except it's glowing blood red now, and more dim because of the duller color of the red. There was no indication of anything producing the light. I was a little scared and we drove away, leaving the red light back there.

That is the end of this report, but I feel the need to mention what happened the next night from my bedroom window. Kaitie was there again: Over the cornfield in front of my house around 11 PM two lights hovering over the ground appeared and acted erratically. One was bright and white, much similar to what we saw so close to us on the ground. The other one was orange, and very odd at first appearance. It looked to be a bright orange ball constructed of paper with a fire blazing inside of it. It acted the most erratic in flight before both became almost entirely still. They stayed until day started to come, and as the light of day grew, they receded into the distance until they were tiny pinpricks, and then nothing.

I have no pictures but if they come again I plan to walk up to them and try and take a picture/just get closer.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with the source of the report, and despite his assurance that the report is accurate, we question whether it is a serious report. The source of the report describes himself as a "writer," and when pressed on the type of writing he does, he admitted that he is a writer of fiction. PD))