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Occurred : 4/7/2016 22:30 (Entered as : 04/07/2016 22:30)
Reported: 4/7/2016 2:59:32 PM 14:59
Posted: 4/15/2016
Location: Brookings, OR
Shape: Flash
Duration:10-12 minutes
Two flashing lights in the night sky moving very slowly

I am a male, 63 years old, with 20/20 vision (corrected) and in reasonably good health. I live in a small town on the Southern Oregon coast, and I was in front of my house last night, viewing the night sky, and thinking about nothing in particular. The sky was crystal clear, with lots of stars and star formations visible to the naked eye, and I observed Orion’s Belt, the Big Dipper and Little Dipper, to mention just a few star formations. As a reference, my house is roughly 90 feet above sea level and the front of my house faces exactly northwest (plus or minus 1 degree).

At around 10:30 PM, I was staring at the night sky and saw a flash of light, directly in front of me (facing northwest) at an angle of elevation of approximately 45 degrees. The diameter and brightness of the flash was close to the same diameter and level of brightness as one of the brighter stars I was viewing at the time, and I assumed that a passing cloud had blocked it out of my vision. That said, there were NO clouds in the sky last night. The flash appeared, stayed illuminated for roughly two or three tenths of a second, and then disappeared.

About one second later, another flash of light appeared, roughly four or five degrees below where the first flash appeared. It was the same diameter and the same level of brightness and duration as the first flash. About five seconds later, the same pattern appeared again and in the same location and same angle of elevation. The distance between the flashes stayed constant; roughly four or five degrees of elevation. This pattern of flashes continued, repeating every five seconds or so, staying in the same location in the sky. The third time I saw the two flashes of light, I pointed my index finger where they appeared in the sky, and held my arm as steady as I could, just so I would have a point of reference.

After about three minutes, the flashes started moving south very slowly along the same angle of elevation (approximately 45 degrees). When they moved to the SSW position in the sky, from my northwest facing position, they then started slowing moving higher in elevation. When they reached approximately a 60 degree angle of elevation, which took approximately three minutes, they stopped and stayed in the same relative position (still pointing my index finger at them) and stayed in that position for another three or four minutes. The flashes of light then started moving very slowly further south.

There is a large pine tree blocking my view, just beyond the SW corner of my property, and when the tree started to block my view of the flashing lights, I got up from the chair I was sitting in and walked further northwest so I could see the lights better. They continued in a southerly direction and when they got directly south of me and over the Pacific Ocean, they disappeared. I continue standing there for a few more minutes, but they didn’t reappeared.

At no time during this ‘event’ did I hear ANY sound; no near or far off jet engines from either a high or low altitude commercial or military plane. We have a very small airport north of our town, but rarely do planes land there at night. They are all small, privately owned planes as well, primarily prop-driven, although there is at least one small Learjet that we see occasionally. There is no noise or air pollution here (no industries) and with a population of only 6000, the noise level at night is VERY low. It’s a small and very quiet town, especially at night.

On nights when the weather is good, I sit in front of my house and stare at the sky, mostly because we can see SO many stars at night here. It is a star gazer’s paradise and I know several people who have telescopes, although I do not. I’ve never seen anything before like what I saw last night. If it was ONE object, it must have been HUGE. That said and given the relative distance between the flashing lights, it appeared that it MUST have been two objects, whatever they were.

Whatever it was, it was flying, it wasn’t making a sound and I could not identify it, which I guess technically makes it a UFO.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))