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Occurred : 4/13/2016 22:42 (Entered as : 04/13/06 22:42)
Reported: 4/13/2016 10:05:23 PM 22:05
Posted: 4/15/2016
Location: Luella, GA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:9 minutes
Location: Northeastern Spalding County, Georgia
Time frame: 22:42 hours to 22:51 hours Eastern

On 13 April, 2016, I was following my regular route to work; Highway 155 North in Spalding County, Georgia bound for McDonough, Georgia. As I was approaching the county line about to cross into Henry County, I noticed a light off to the northeast, roughly over Frog Road and the community of Luella. I was travelling at approximately 55-60 MPH, the sky was overcast, with prevailing winds coming out of the northeast, air temperature 57o. A slight and intermittent rain was present in patchy areas, but barely detectable. The cloud deck was high, but solid.

At first glance, I presumed the object was a helicopter, perhaps a med-flight bound for Spalding Regional Hospital in Griffin, Georgia. As I watched it however, it became apparent that it was not a helicopter. My first instinct as a retired emergency communications officer (911/police/fire radio operator and supervisor, critical incident response commander) was that since the object was relative to the high-tension power! lines that cross the highway, I was seeing a power line on fire. I passed under the power lines and made a u-turn to double check. As I approached the power lines (heading south), I looked for signs for signs of fire, but the lines were clear.

As I passed the power lines and crossed back into Spalding County, the object crossed the highway from left to right and was then concealed by a tree line to my right approximately 600 yards from my position. I cleared the tree line, and the object was no longer visible. I decided to pull into a dirt road (Johnson Road Extension) to turn around and abandon any further attempt to view the object.

As I pulled onto 155 and headed north, I spotted the object again almost in the exact same position I was in when I first sighted it, except it was then off to the northwest (left), and relatively stationary. I stopped the truck and watched it as it appeared to descend roughly over the Cole Reservoir. There is a large golf community (Heron Bay) located where the object appeared to descend. I had no other witnesses, and, unusually, there were no other vehicles travelling on 155 in either direction when this occurred.

I cannot quite find a technical description to articulate the object I saw. I was unable to determine a shape at all. The light was variable in magnitude; at its brightest, it was about as intense as a street light and amber/orange in color (when the illumination intensified, the spectral range was nearly in the white, but generally dark to amber/orange). Its movement was generally horizontal, with some vertical movement; much like a plastic bag that has been caught by the wind. The consistency of the color and magnitude of its luminescence was similar to the manner in which an ember emanates light as it rises from a fire. Its speed was also variable, and I would estimate it moving at its fastest during the sighting as no more than 100 MPH, and as slow as stationary.

I have never seen anything like this. We live in an area that has historically been free from light pollution, use a telescope for stargazing regularly, and see satellites and high altitude aircraft regularly. I took one or two flight lessons while in high school, and grew up near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, so I am no stranger to aircraft and flight patterns (at the time of the sighting, Hartsfield had outbound traffic at approximately 10,000 feet, northeast to southwest, roughly 2 minutes between aircraft). This object gave the impression that it was closer than it appeared. The illumination was not configured; it was apparently “random” lighting, as though it moved all about the surface of the object, but concentrated primarily at a ventral, abaxial angle from my point of view.

The best rough coordinates I can provide are as follows: First sighting: 33o 20’01.81” N x 84o09’58.2” W (moving) Second sighting: 33o 19’14.65” N x 84o 10’56.66” W (moving) Third Sighting: 33o 19’59.51” N x 84o 11’52.30” W (stationary/descending) (Note: the first and third coordinate readings are roughly parallel, minus about a thousand horizontal compass feet, I think.)

As a retired emergency communications officer, my professional reputation does not compel me to report such things, but my instincts tell me I saw something odd. I am not familiar with drones, but would not rule out the possibility of someone with an illuminated drone playing around. I researched footage for any relevant similarities and they were somewhat, but not entirely consistent with what I saw.

I was unable to take a picture as my cellphone will not zoom and the picture would therefore not have been of any use. I just thought that since this was the first time I’d ever seen any such thing I might report it to somebody on the outside chance any similar sightings in the area or time frame were reported, or may be reported.

I left a message with my name and number on your voice mail should you have or need any further information.

Many Thanks for Your Time and Attention….